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Pinterest Lemonade and other shares

Lemonade: “The problem is that it’s a great product and it’s really hard to figure out the value of the stock, and a lot of people think short of it… but it’s not a meme stock. I say I still like it, but you will. It has to wait a long time for the value of the stock to be in line with the value of the company. “

Acadia Pharmaceuticals: “Tell your husband I think he is fine. It’s not a good stock and I didn’t. But I think we’re at an okay level. “

Pinterest: “Conference calls are not good conference calls, conference calls make me feel that anyone who still owns is welcoming them too much … we have to bring them to the show.”


Metromile: “We have Hartford this week and I think they are smart for Metromile games, honestly it makes me less confident about Metromile.”

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