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Player Score: Crystal Palace 0-0 Manchester United

Player ratings based on what is

Dean Henderson: 8/10

Van Aanholt saved big late in a certain situation, David De Gea was recently blamed on the idea that United would lose the Spaniard there.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 5/10

Not sure how he let Van Aanholt go through in the end. Good forward But slashing with a cross would not be very effective.

Eric Bailly: 4/10

A reckless challenge had Fred kicked a free kick on the ball … Woof. Someone had to let him know that he could pass it on to an unnamed player, Maguire.

Harry Maguire: 5/1

The haters will remember Bruno’s horrifying pass in the early half. They will forget the other good things he did in the first half when Crystal Palace played well. Completely silent in the second half

Luke Shaw: 6/10

Manchester United’s only bright spot You can’t rely on him to carry the team.

Fred: 4/10

He’s trying to pass forward ambitiously, and I don’t remember a single order that was accomplished.

Nemanja Matic: 5/10

It conceals well defense and is the only midfielder trying to drive forward with real football. Obviously, it didn’t work because he was not good. But he was the only one who had the right idea.

Bruno Fernandes: 3/10

He played in this game?

Mason Greenwood: 4/10

Can’t really make an impact Not sure why he never traded with Rashford.

Marcus Rashford: 3/10

If he sees two defenders in front of him, there is a 100 percent chance that he will try to dribble through them. Never been successful, fans spoke of his goalscoring stats. But he seems to forget how often he disappears in these kinds of games.

Edison Cavani: 2/10

Great movement in the frame But how important is it if you can’t get the ball closer to the frame? “At least other strikers will learn to move like him,” we kept on as we watched Rashford and Greenwood stand still, Cavani remained silent. In order to play continuously and against deep blocks, you need all 10 off-field players involved. There is a chance of poachers. Early and definitely miss At least Dan James is learning to move in a box.

Scott McTominay: N / A

I still don’t understand how he didn’t shoot that ball after coming in.

Dan James: N / A

Runs around well and is the only player to open boxes with a cross. Not what you want


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 2/10

It’s hard to pin this to him. The injury means he doesn’t have much of a choice in starting XI, and all of a sudden you look at a totally devoid of creativity. Looks a lot like Paul Pogba’s last season hurt. Two risk-averse midfielders have no creativity from the wings and have no option to come off the bench. United have good players. But everyone has very clear restrictions, and they will be revealed when the player who helps cover them is over.

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