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Playing games with my husband makes our marriage stronger.

when it comes For video games and marriage It’s not always good news, and pop culture, books, and movies are full of funny anecdotes or sketches about despised and lazy wives abandoned by their husbands to play the latest games.

I can imagine: Usually, the wife enters the darkness. In her husband’s dirty game room in uncomfortable underwear. To try to convince a sad, caffeine-filled husband to quit gaming or something else. It ends with screams and violence and collapse—but not in a good way.

Not in my case though. I swear that playing video games with my husband of two years, Jethro, now 27, has strengthened our marriage. And now I feel closer to him than ever.

When the coronavirus pandemic closed the world as we know it in March 2020, Jethro and I weren̵

7;t married for a year. We spent our first wedding anniversary that summer locked in our small two-bed flat in London. lamenting what will happen We do everything. Whether it’s running, cookbooks, new decorations. Our record collection and coffee sometimes get stressful—is this not the life of the newlyweds?

To be honest, we’ve never played together before. Jethro likes difficult adventure games with impossible puzzles, logic, combat, and massive weapons. I don’t. I like bright, friendly, and “doing good” games. The closest weapons I’ve ever had in combat and larger weapons are in Fallout 3And yet I ran away from the mad dog.

We like different things and have very different personalities. Playing games together was never considered. Jetro is a numerologist. He’s cool, collective, and incredibly grounded. I’m a creative, writer, overly sensitive Pisces. Has very bad memory and zero logic. We are polar opposites in terms of life and gaming. So our gaming life is very separate. It’s very personal for each of us. And we never had a chance to bond or work together as a couple when it was our screen time.

It turns out that we are not alone. Over the years, a number of studies have revealed the negative effects that gaming can have on marriage. Shockingly, in 2018, Divorce Online suggested a noticeable increase in Fortnite It was claimed that it caused their users to get divorced. About 5 percent of all divorce paperwork received that year claimed that the game played a role in ending their marriage.

In an earlier study published in 2012 by Recreation Research JournalResearchers found that 75 percent of married couples (often male) gamers want gamers in their relationships to put more effort into their marriages. They claim that this leads to dissatisfaction in the relationship and arguments. Because it hinders family time and intimacy.

However, the same study revealed that among couples who spend time playing games together and play together, 76 percent feel that gaming is good for their marriage. They are more satisfied with their relationship because they are on the same team. It reveals that working together is wonderful.

So when it comes to joining the crowd and buying a Nintendo Switch during the city shutdown last year. I’m nervous even wonder I’m imagining playing. Animal Crossing Until 4 am, picking peaches and swimming for shellfish while my husband sleeps alone in our bed and vice versa. I’m worried that we’ll quarrel on the console. And finally I ate alone. While my husband swears and is tired of battling Pokémon Dynamax in Pokemon Shield.

I ended up watching him for hours trying to catch 150 Digletts in the game. armored island Expanded, and I felt angry—lost patience with what was supposed to be pleasing. i am nimble There was nothing but negative comments to offer about his playing style and technique. Just because I can’t participate Sometimes I sit on the couch more and more away from him, hating the console it should be. our own. That is, until we bought the 2018 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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