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PlayStation Fans Argue Over Aloy Design In Horizon Forbidden West

Yesterday, during a special session of play western forbidden horizon Back at it again with our first look at gaming. Courtesy of PS5 and considering the fact that State of Play broke the viewing record In fact, some PlayStation fans were not only impressed by the PS5 gameplay, but also the attention to detail. It would have been about Aloy’s subtle design changes, or at least she was aware of the changes. In general, she looks exactly the same as she does in Horizon Zero DawnBut making it more alive with advancements in technology, however, at least in the gameplay footage. She looked a little different.

Of course, most viewers didn’t notice these changes, or at least ignored them. However, some noticed and weren̵

7;t impressed. At first, many theorized that the differences depended on age. event of horizon Forbidden City Just six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. In other words, there is no description of the play.

It’s not clear why Aloy looks a little different. But it may be due to advances in technology, the power of the PS5 and the optics and lighting used in the trailer. compared to her appearance Horizon Zero DawnShe looks more detailed. real and more realistic especially when comparing the textures of the two models. and especially the skin of both models in any case All of these were featured on the PlayStation Reddit pages and on Twitter.

She doesn’t make sense

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Aloy looks bad


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