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PlayStation fans think the next target PS5 Restock may drop soon.

Will the new PS5 reboot at Target take place on January 19th? On Twitter, speculation that Target will launch a new PS5 stock next week has been made this round with seemingly new screenshots. To be very indicative, however, the screenshot in question has been contested. And unfortunately, Target didn’t comment on this, leaving PS5 customers in the dark.

As in 2020 PS5 is almost impossible now. Whether this will change in the coming months, who knows. But this might be the toughest ever to buy a console. Not only is competition still fierce. But the retailer was out of stock during the holiday season. Since Christmas, retailers have been very hard to find. And when they won Best Buy, GameStop, and more, they sold out immediately.

As for Target, it was quiet in 2021

.However, this could change soon on Twitter, “YtNextGenGaming”, a page that helped PlayStation fans get the elusive console revealed they had sent a screenshot that seemed to indicate. Said that the next PS5 drop will happen on Jan. 19, which is next Tuesday.

If you haven’t seen the tweet yet, there will be an image showing a stock PS5 that will be available for January 19th, however, in response, many contested the screenshot, with users claiming that it wasn’t for the console, but for the PS5 media remote episode. This seems like that.

Will the PS5 go on sale next week in Target? Maybe.However, for now, the retailer has yet to announce a new supply, and the tweet above should at least contain a large grain of salt.

Speaking to GameStop managers on Monday, we were told that they have not received any new stock in-store since Black Friday, of course the retailer has sold their stock online. But the point is, no one has a lot of PS5 stocks right now. In other words, though, Target cuts its new stock next week. But it is likely not the truck supply many PlayStation customers are hoping for.

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