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Pokémon Go will have a Bidoof takeover soon.

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image: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

My personal life motto is to live every Thursday like it’s Bidoof Day, but especially this Thursday because It’s actually Bidov’s Day.. Why? Like Bidoof himself, the answer cannot be known.

What it means in tangible terms is that Bidoof, a “fat rat” Pokemon that looks more like a squirrel and beaver hybrid, is about to be invaded. pokemon go For the day, the game development team said in a blog post. Bidoof will appear at an “incredibly high” rate starting at 10 AM local time on July 1st, and will be the only Pokémon you can handle in one-star, three-star, and five-star raids if you’re lucky. Well, there might be some glittering Bidoof that you caught on July 1st—at least until the event ends at 8 PM local time—will recognize Superpower and you’ll be able to teach Ice Beam, Shadow Ball. or Thunderbolt to them during or after the event if you have the right TM. Welcome to the workshop build-a-Bidoof

Bidov WILL BE EVERYWHERE: Team Rocket grunts round up featured in special research events with story-driven choices. In a nutshell, “Only Bidoof is eligible” and “Only Bidoof’s teams are allowed.” In a nutshell: Bidoof.

Bidoof Day serves as a summary of pokemon goBidoof Breakout EventStarting on June 25, the rate at which Bidoof appears has increased throughout the event, so on Bidoof Day we will officially enter the Maximum Bidoof. Start over with a single piece of dust floating in the empty universe. After thousands of millions or billions of years It will open its mouth and sing a life-changing song: “Bidoof.”

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