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Police hunt heavily armed ex-military soldiers in southwestern France | France

French police, backed by helicopters, are searching for a heavily armed former soldier. He is accused of opening fire on officials responding to a domestic violence dispute in southwestern France.

About 210 officers and four helicopters were involved in the hunt for the man. which has electronic badges because he has been convicted of domestic violence before. and also in the large forests of the Dordogne region.

“This man is heavily armed and is about 30 years old, he is an athlete and moves fast,”

; Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare mayor Francine Bourra told AFP.

“We were able to locate him in an area of ​​about four to five kilometers, but it was a forest area. difficult to access,” the mayor said. “The suspect was detained for domestic violence. And that’s why he wears an electronic bracelet.

“A contact has been established. [with the man] Many times… but followed by the sound of gunfire. every time I have contact with him He will open fire.” He added that police did not fire back.

A source close to the investigation said the suspect served in the military between 2011 and 2016.

At about midnight on a Saturday night The suspect appeared at his ex-partner’s home in a village of about 1,800 inhabitants, where he violently attacked her new boyfriend, police said when police arrived after being called to the scene. He allegedly shot at them before fleeing to the nearby forest.

Police urged villagers to stay indoors while the suspect continued to flee. and the streets of Lardin-Saint-Lazare were abandoned at noon.

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