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Police search for fans who crashed Tour de France

French officials are looking for a cyclist fan who caused a bloody accident on Saturday during the Tour de France – an event that carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison – as race organizers plan to sue spectators who waved. ignorant sign

Prosecutors in Brittany began an investigation on Sunday to look for a smiling woman holding a sign, which caused a pile of blood during the famous French race. According to the Daily Mail report

The woman — a picture holding up a cardboard sign that reads ‘Go! Gran, Grandad,’ in French and German — the starter of an injury-prone crash during the early stages of the Tour de France could be locked up for a year.

A spokesman for the Finistere Infantry Regiment said spectators fled the scene before investigators arrived, according to the Daily Mail.

“The audience who caused this accident left the scene before the arrival of the investigators,” the representative said, “doing everything possible to try and find her.

The drivers react after crashing in Stage 1 of the Tour de France.
Tony Martin hits a sign send him to the ground make other riders rushed around him

“She was wearing glasses and wearing blue jeans. Red and white striped sweater and a yellow wax jacket.”

Prosecutors reportedly said they had initiated a criminal investigation for “Intentionally violating safety regulations and causing injuries that could prevent people from working for up to three months.”

Crimes in France carry up to a year in prison and a fine of around £13,000, according to the Mail.

France's Cyril Lemoine gets help from medical staff after plane crash
France’s Cyril Lemoine gets help from medical staff after plane crash
AFP via Getty Images
France's Cyril Lemoine gets medical help after early failure
Prosecutors are reported to have initiated a criminal investigation against the woman on charges. “Intentionally violating safety rules”

meanwhile Organizers behind the Tour de France are planning a legal action against a lost cyclist fan, AFP reported.

“We are suing this woman for misconduct,” said tour director Pierre-Yves Toot. According to the AFP report

“We’re doing this for the minority who do this so it won’t spoil the show for everyone.”

Tour de France crashes
The accident damaged the bicycle and injured several people.

During the race, Tony Martin hit a sign, sending him to the ground. This caused other riders to collide. The race derailed, damaging the bike and injuring many.

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