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PolitiFact: DeSantis’ 60 Minutes Video Could Be ‘Deceptive Editing’

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6;Life or death’ MORE (R) that the “60 minutes” spent Sunday at the Florida vaccination launch could be considered a deceptive correction, PolitiFact wrote on Wednesday.

The “60-minute session” ignores some background about why Florida partnered with Publix to distribute the coronavirus vaccine. “PolitiFact’s Daniel Funke Written in a controversial review, “Such omissions may be considered” offensive “. ‘Fix the scam’ as claimed by some social media users.

This story, reported by CBS’s Sharyn Alfonsi, is a broad criticism of how the coronavirus vaccine is distributed in Florida and points to difficulties for some people in at least one low-income area to get vaccinated. Scene

But the most talked about in the segment is the allegations that a campaign donation from the Publix grocery chain influenced DeSantis’ decision to distribute the vaccine through the company’s pharmacies.

Here is a specific claim and a used “60-minute” video clip of Alfonsi confronting DeSantis about his relationship with Publix. That is forced to show to protect parts.

DeSantis and others.Including Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner, “60 Minutes” was said to be intended to correct DeSantis’ detailed description of the decisions behind the vaccine distribution.

And in the details of the story, PolitiFact agrees that “60 minutes” has left a significant part of DeSantis’ interaction with Alfonsi.

“DeSantis ‘full response to Alfonsi’s question took about three minutes,” PolitiFact wrote, “while ’60 minutes’ focused on his pronounced rejection. But it left behind the background he presented on how the state worked with other retail pharmacies to distribute the coronavirus vaccine at long-term care facilities in December and his own interactions with Publix customers.

A spokesman for “60 Minutes” declined to comment on the PolitiFact article and instead defended the piece from more detailed DeSantis scam charges at a Wednesday news conference.

The DeSantis vaccine site listing stated in the media “was not applicable to most seniors in Palm Beach County in January and parts of February,” a spokesperson for “60 Minutes” said in an emailed statement. Most Beach County still have to go to Publix to get their doses, which is the focus of our story on the launch of a pharmacy program. ”

Although CBS revised DeSantis’ comments about CVS and Walgreens, those companies worked with healthcare facilities and did not provide the vaccine to the general public, a spokesman said.

“For this reason, the governor’s comments about CVS and Walgreens were not included in the original broadcast,” he added.

However, in criticism, PolitiFact said that failing to describe DeSantis’ original description of “60 Minutes” could qualify as “the first”. “Deceptive editing” under the definition used by The Washington Post, “Most edits from video and It is presented as a complete narrative … a technique used to distort reality. “

PolitiFact ended the scrutiny, citing Al Tompkins, media lecturer and senior faculty member of the Poynter Institute, who owns PolitiFact.

“In this story, there was a straight line between campaign participation and reward,” said Tompkins, “and they never proved that. I think they owe everyone – they owe the governors, they owe Publix, they owe the public – to explain to us how they came to the conclusion. “

“Although it was made for the appeal of television. But it doesn’t make the whole truth, ”he said.

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