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Pompeo said the Wuhan lab was engaged in military activities alongside civilian research.

Former Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said on Saturday that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) was engaged in military activities alongside civilian research. Amid the review of the theory that the COVID-19 outbreak Born from a secret laboratory

“What I can say for sure is this: we know they are involved in efforts involving the People’s Liberation Army within that laboratory. So the military activities carried out alongside what they claim are just good civilian research,” Pompeo said in a statement. Fox and Friends Weekend”

“They refused to tell us what it was. They refused to explain the nature of both. They refused to grant access to the WHO when trying to get in there.”

INTEL Community ̵

6;Proactive’ in Investigating Origins of COVID-19

Although it is widely accepted that the pandemic originated in Wuhan, But there is some debate over whether it takes place in a nearby bazaar or a secret institution. Trump administration promotes laboratory leak theory But it has been overlooked by the media and some experts who declare it a conspiracy theory.

But it has gained attention again in the past few weeks. Especially after China blocked a WHO investigation into the origins of the virus. And it reported that several lab workers were hospitalized in November with coronavirus-like symptoms.

The intelligence community said this week it was working. “seriously” to investigate the origin of the virus and is scheduled to report back to Biden within 90 days.

China refuses to support those that COVID ORIGINS PROBE speeds up bid announcement on US investigation: official

“US intelligence community It is not known exactly if the COVID-19 virus Where, when, or how did it initially spread? But it combines two probable scenarios: spontaneous from contact with an infected animal or a laboratory accident,” Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Strategic Communications Amanda Schoch said in a statement on Thursday

Wuhan Institute of Virology which is one of China’s leading virus research laboratories. It built a genetic repository on the bat coronavirus after the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003 and has faced criticism over its transparency throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

BIDEN: INTEL Community Torn Between ‘Two promising situations’ on the source of the COVID-19 outbreak

But for Trump officials This was something they had suspected for a while. President Trump believes the theory is credible and has declared himself proven this week.

“Now everyone agrees that I was right when I called Wuhan the source of COVID-19. which is sometimes referred to as the Chinese virus,” he said in a statement.

The State Department has released fact sheets in the latter stages of the Trump administration warning that “A laboratory accident can be similar to a natural outbreak if the initial exposure is few and there is an asymptomatic infection.”

The fact sheet also said: “The United States has determined that the WIV is cooperating with publications and secret programs with the Chinese military.”

“WIV is engaged in secret research. This includes animal testing. on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017,” the report said.


Pompeo said Saturday it was important that Biden’s administration investigate how the pandemic happened and what happened at the Wuhan Institute.

“I knew from the spring of last year, 2020, when I first spoke about it, that there was enormous evidence that this had come out of a lab in Wuhan,” he said. Sick scientist there We know they’re doing functional research. basically picking up viruses and making them more contagious and may be deadly This management must take action after this.” “

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to the report.

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