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Pompeo’s foreign policy turmoil got Biden to start.

Secretary of state Mike PompeoTop UN official Mike Pompeo urged the United States to drop a terrorist appointment for the Houthis, warning a large number of starving Chinese dissidents who deny Trump’s defeat, underscores Chinese propaganda. The Hill’s Morning Report – Republicans. How many people will vote more for Trump impeachment? Are pushing for a last-minute foreign policy decision before the president is elected. Joe BidenJoe BidenCotton: The Senate has no jurisdiction over the impeachment hearing when Trump retires.Marjorie Taylor Greene said she would recommend an impeachment article against Biden ICE acting director resigning several weeks after assuming more posts.The inauguration was part of the government’s efforts to harmonize the legacy of the government and Trump in the last days of chaos and violence in office.

The move is intended to thwart Biden’s efforts to reverse Trump-era policy measures, creating a laundry list of complex policies big and small that will take time, effort and organization to unravel.

Less than a week left to work, while much of Washington is focused on President TrumpDonald TrumpCotton: The Senate lacks power in the impeachment hearing when Trump retires.Marjorie Taylor Greene said she would recommend an impeachment article against Biden ICE acting director resigning several weeks after it was assumed that the post was more.Pompeii’s second impeachment stirred up policy changes and added a PR campaign to tout the success of the administration.

He has elevated US ties with Taiwan in a disrespectful manner against China, making Iran-backed Houthis a terrorist organization and putting Cuba back on the state’s list of supporters of terrorism.

Ryan Hass, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, called the Taiwan announcement Saturday. “Making a policy equivalent to hit and run”

Pompeo “announced a policy change on one of America’s most sensitive foreign policy issues in the final years of his tenure, and with his full knowledge he would not have to grapple with the consequences,” Hass said.

Ash Jain, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who served as a State Department official in the Republican and Democratic administration, said Pompeii’s eleventh hour action “reflects a desire to frame the administration. Coming in

Removing the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization is one area where Biden is likely to have bipartisan support.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans sympathize with the Houthi separatists, viewing them as responsible for the brutal atrocities in Yemen’s six-year civil war and a dangerous alliance with Iran. But Pompeo’s latest action against them, opposition lawmakers, said such a designation would hinder a delivery. Of critical humanitarian aid to Houthi controlled areas.

Experts say Pompeo’s actions against the Houthis were part of his push to strengthen his heritage in Iran.

The secretary is the chief enforcement officer. The administration’s “utmost pressure” on Tehran, a policy focused on separating the Islamic Republic, both financially and diplomatically, is to try to thwart its nuclear ambitions and eliminate the threat of proxy forces in the Middle East.

“The administration is trying to strengthen a campaign to put pressure on Iran ahead of the Biden’s administration, especially when there are concerns that Biden may try to return to a deal with Iran,” said Varsha Koduvayur, a research analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington. Night Hawk think tank

Biden has vowed to return the US to the 2015 Obama-era nuclear deal if Iran returns to comply. The deal is intended to reduce Iranian uranium enrichment to such a degree that would delay the time it takes to substantially acquire nuclear capability.

The Trump administration, boosted by Republican support, pulled out of the 2018 nuclear deal and Pompeo remained strong in contention for rapprochement with Iran.

“Don’t lie to Americans about filtering Iran and pretending to be pampered,” Pompeo said in a speech Tuesday at the National Press Club.

He later announced new sanctions on members of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization held in Iran, in addition to what he said: Nearly 1,500 sanctions Charged by the Trump administration to individuals and entities that generate income for the Iranian government.

Pompeo announced more sanctions on Wednesday targeting two charities controlled by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, charging the charity with corruption and adding value to its leaders. Religious and political

Tehran is likely to benefit from an immediate easing of sanctions if the United States re-enters the 2015 nuclear deal, even if it doesn’t eliminate what is set under Trump entirely.

Kaleigh Thomas, an associate at the Center for a New American Security, said that although Trump’s policy decisions were impossible for Biden to reverse, they would still consume time and energy.

“It will take time, effort, and possibly political capital to determine which policies must reverse and to repeal policies identified as hindering the implementation of Biden’s agenda,” she said.

“And in the context of the entire Biden administration it has to operate outside of the Middle East portfolio starting on day one, which includes the ongoing outbreak and last week’s Capitol Hill riots, it’s important to remember that timing. Political efforts and capital are essential, limited resources. “

It is not clear how those resources will lead to action on Cuba. Pompeo’s last-minute designation as a supporter of state terrorism was seen as a direct snub and thwarted Biden’s promise to return to Obama-era diplomatic involvement with Havana.

“Secretary Pompeo has defended Donald Trump’s worst foreign policy failure by himself, and while he left the door, he seemed determined to make the hardest thing for. His successor, “Sen. Patrick LeahyPatrick Joseph Leahy, a senior Democrat, said Hawley Cruz should step down from the Judiciary Congress, revealing government spending and virus mitigation measures. 3 trillion additional bottom lines (D-Vt.) Cuban engagement supporter and the highest-ranking Democrats on the Senate Allotment Committee.

Lawrence Ward, a partner at international law firm Dorsey & Whitney, who has worked with international business to prevent the implementation of federal sanctions against foreign governments, said reversing the Cuban appointment would take time and energy. That will be important for big issues such as fighting COVID-19 and facing increasingly threatening foreign enemies.

“The removal of the designation must be approved by Congress. And because Biden’s management will be focused on achieving as much bipartisan support as possible on critical domestic issues, it is difficult to imagine that management will prioritize as much bipartisan support as possible. The endorsement is above ongoing tensions with China, Iran and Russia, ”he said.

Shane from the Atlantic Council expressed greater optimism about the ability of the Biden administration to quickly reverse or shrink Pompeo’s last-minute move.

“Most of these policies are relatively easy to reverse, and the Biden team is sure to make a thorough scrutiny of each action during this eleven hour period. In other cases, different validation processes may be required.” He said

Pompeo, considered a 2024 presidential candidate, has been using the government’s official Twitter account since Jan. 1 to identify what he sees as his greatest success and the Trump administration.

On Wednesday, he bid farewell ahead of Biden’s inauguration, saying: Followers should move Go to his personal page

“One week from today I will leave my office of Secretary of State and this account will be archived. Don’t forget to follow me @mikepompeo to do it. “

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