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Pool chlorine, hot dogs, fireworks can be hard to find this summer.

Sandy – Utah-based business owner said another shortfall was expected due to the ongoing impact of the outbreak, meaning pool equipment, hot dogs and even fireworks may find. Difficult in a few weeks

Some swimming pool supply companies tell KSL that chlorine pumps and other needs are in short supply.

Many Utah fireworks vendors have voiced concerns if they will have what they need just in time for the 4th of July.

It’s a great holiday in 2020, you will remember the blazing sky everywhere in Utah.

Seller Matt Shadle said, “Last year was a record fireworks year in terms of the number of people going out to retail.”

He works Black Cat fireworks in Sandy. He said those huge sales, coupled with hands-on production as the epidemic started to create some problems.


7;ve been on pins and needles until here a month ago,” he said.

He said it looks like he has what it needs just in time for four. But not everyone is so lucky.

Douglas Gordon's Fireworks Cabinet Waits To Leave China
Douglas Gordon’s Fireworks Cabinet awaits to leave China (Image: Douglas Gordon)

“I don’t know when it’s going to get here,” said Doug LaGordon, owner of the Utah Grand Finale Fireworks.

He said his shipping container, which would act as a storefront, was stuck in the Wuhan area.

“These factories are about 1,200 miles from Shanghai,” he explains, when the containers leave China, they will be stranded in California again.

“They reserved it in LA for loading and unloading, so I don’t know how soon it will get here. Maybe it will get here before July 4th, maybe July 24th, I don’t know. Gordon added.

This caused a lot of uncertainty for the business which was based on our July holidays.

“I have a drop in inventory this year, so I have a very small number of options, so I need fireworks this year so I can pay back my loan,” he said.

Some sellers say they will be okay, so not everyone is in the same boat.

Consumers adding Shadle may discover much less supply, which means higher demand and higher prices.


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