Pope Francis said on Sunday he was praying for the deceased in the U.S. Congress̵

7;s uprising and for peace in order to help defend American democratic values ​​(10 m). C.)

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Claim: Pope Francis arrested after turning off the lights at the Vatican.

Rumors that Pope Francis was arrested after a blackout in the Vatican began to spread across the Internet on Jan. 10.

The allegations first appeared on Conservative Beaver, a self-branding website that serves. “Interesting news for proud Canadians”

Story – Published under the headline “VATICAN BLACKOUT: Pope was arrested for 80 counts of child trafficking” – claims the arrest was ordered by the Italian National Prosecutor’s Office.

It also stated that the FBI was “Prepared to fly in to interrogate him,” and the papal arrest will be. “First time from many people”

Conservative Beaver did not respond to requests from USA TODAY for comment.

Such claims may be linked to QAnon, a conspiracy theory based on unfounded claims that President Donald Trump is fighting a tool that “In depth” is run by the young political elite, business leaders and celebrities in the United States.

over: FACT-CHECK: Face-painted town hall building intruders are well-known supporters of QAnon.

Pope Francis has been working in recent days.

Pope Francis has not been arrested. No famous media reported the alleged arrest. And Pope Francis made several announcements and appearances on January 10 and 11 to confirm that he was not detained.

On January 10, Pope Francis delivered an address from the Library of the Apostles Palace, streamed live on YouTube.He was also on Twitter between 5:01 and 09:30 EST equivalent to 11:01 AM. And 3:30 p.m. in the Vatican.

On January 11, the Holy See ordered the Catholic news agency to schedule a public meeting attended by Pope Francis that day.

The Pope issued a decree allowing the installation of a woman as a chauffeur, read the Bible and serve on the altar as a Eucharistic minister, according to the Associated Press.He was also on Twitter at 7:30 am EST. 13:30 in the Vatican

There are no blackouts in the Vatican.

There are also no blackouts in the Vatican.

Mountain Butorac, a tour guide near St. Peter’s Basilica, wrote in The Catholic Traveler that the Vatican has no “large blackout”.

The late-night live stream by Vatican News on YouTube appeared to be dark on January 10th, but that could be due to the low camera exposure and some visible light in the Butorac and Lead Stories images.

“You can see very bright lights,” Butorac wrote. “You can see the dome, you can see the lights of the monolith, you can see the office / apartment lights, you can see the nativity lights, you can see the stars, the Christmas tree.”

Colm Flynn, a correspondent for the Eternal Word Television network who lives near the Vatican, also told the Catholic news agency that he “I didn’t notice a power outage on the weekend.”

Claims about arrest stealing from unrelated news

False claims about Pope Francis are based on a form of misinformation by Conservative Beaver and other websites.

Earlier, conservative beavers charged false claims over the arrest of dignitaries, including philanthropist George Soros and former President Barack Obama. In both cases, the site changed the legal document on the arrest of another person to further their claim.

The conservative beaver appears to have adapted the news about the arrest of a man in Alabama on Jan. 7 into a story about the Pope.

WHNT News 19 reported on January 7 that Grady Paul Gaston was arrested “in connection with 75 indictments including child pornography possession, human trafficking, incest and the possession of drug equipment.”

Conservative Beaver reported on January 10 that Pope Francis was arrested on almost the same charges, although it raised the number to 80 and added “criminal fraud”.

WHNT News 19 also included quotes from Madison County, Alabama, Sheriff Kevin Turner about the arrest.

“These individuals are really the worst people in society. I can promise you that we will not stop targeting human trafficking until we stop this nasty trade in Madison County, including the Surrounding counties, while I was My department sheriff will try to protect our citizens, especially the people who need us the most, our children, ”Turner said.

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Conservative Beaver included the exact same remarks, edited to reflect only a different place, and refer to Giuseppe Governale, chief prosecutor against Mafia in Italy.

The message said, “These people are really the worst people in society. I can promise you that we will not stop targeting human trafficking until we stop this nasty trade in the Vatican and Italy as well as the countries around Europe.While I am the chief prosecutor in Italy, my department will try. Protect our citizens, especially those who need us the most, are our children. ”

Our rating: False

According to our research, the claim that Pope Francis was arrested after a blackout at the Vatican was false. No famous media reported the alleged arrest, and Pope Francis made several announcements and appearances on January 10 and January 11 to confirm he was not detained.

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