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Popular diets have proven to be scientifically damaging to your body.

At times, almost everyone thinks that eating for one reason or another, for many people will drop a few pounds. For others, “multiplying” while strength training. Although being mindful and mindful about what you eat is a healthy decision. There is a difference between cleaning your meal and the ultimate. According to experts, diet is not a long-term success, as many people revert to their old habits, causing them to gain weight or losing weight.

In fact, one of the big problems with extreme and fad diets is that they are unsustainable, says Josh Ax, DNM, CNS, DC, author and founder of Ancient Nutrition. What you eat temporarily But it doesn̵

7;t have to teach you anything about healthy eating in the long run. More importantly, many popular foods can damage your body, so it’s imperative to think twice before diving into them. Here’s what you need to know about these current fad diets, and for some healthy weight loss tips, be sure to check out our list of 15 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work.

Keto diet

You may have at least one friend who is an avid supporter of the keto diet. In this diet, you restrict your carbs heavily while increasing your fat and protein intake. One of the reasons this method is so popular is that you lose weight very quickly. However, as this study shows, the keto diet can effectively treat epilepsy. But the long-term effects of a ketogenic diet on the general population are not fully known, warned celebrity chef Serena Poon.

Her main concern with keto is that it tends to force people to overeat and overlook plant foods.

“Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants that really promote good health,” says Poon. Nutrients and cannot prevent illness. “

Plus, she adds that a diet high in red meat and saturated fat increases inflammation, a precursor to most chronic diseases.

This is why you need more antioxidants in your diet and how to eat them.

Juice bottle

‘I’m on a juice cleanse’ is a common phrase in sitcoms, especially when a character tries to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.

In fact, this unsustainable diet can be uncomfortable, and it’s not good news for your overall health, Ax explains, that detox-cleansing juices (like The Master Cleanse or Cabbage Soup Diet) often have. Calorie restricted and low in calories, which can be beneficial for rapid weight loss.

“However, they can also block your metabolic rate,” he says. “Obviously, this is the last thing you want when trying to improve your body composition.”

Why is this happening? When we supply insufficient calories for our body, we need to enter a metabolic state that many people call. ‘Starvation mode’

“This results in you needing fewer calories each day to maintain your weight, which makes weight loss and long-term maintenance difficult,” he says. Plus, you’ll lose muscle mass!

Here are 10 signs that juice cleansing is false.

Alkaline food

Keith Thomas-Ayoob, EdD, RD, FAND calls this food ridiculous. With this diet method, you cut down on acidic foods that claim to make you unhealthy. Instead, fill up on alkaline foods, which are said to help your body balance pH and be beneficial, but as Thomas-Ayoob says, there is little reliable science to back up this and our bodies. Its readiness to deal with acid-base and pH balancing, and our food has little impact on this function.

“This diet eliminates many nutritious foods, including fish, grains and dairy, all of which contain nutrients that are rare in other food groups,” he says. (And most of the fish) are prohibited, as are nuts such as walnuts, which also contain omega-3 fats.

This is dangerous because omitting good sources of omega-3s is not ideal for promoting optimal heart health. Additionally, Thomas-Ayoob says that cutting back on dairy foods is a great way to improve your heart health. Limiting your ability to get enough calcium, a nutrient worrisome since most people don’t get enough calcium.

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Healthy vegetables from the bowl, tomatoes, carrots, avocado, brown rice, cucumbers, greens.

First of all, Poon says that plant-based foods can help you stay healthy. However, the transition from a meat eater to a vegetarian will require the necessary changes and proper food choices, as Poon says too often. ‘Go vegan’ but fill their meals with most meat substitutes, such as vegan and fast food.

“These are still processed foods and, although they may be better than generic brands, they are still very much the same. But they are generally not healthy foods, ”she says.“ Many packaged foods contain processed ingredients, such as refined grains, sugar and oils, that can contribute to inflammation, which is a precursor to disease. For the most part “

If you choose to eat plants, crabs focus on eating a variety of healthy plants and supplementing the vitamins and minerals your diet may lack.

Healthy breakfast

No, you are not eating reptiles in this diet. However, it may still creep you out, as Dr. Ax explains, this involves eating one big meal every other day and nothing else. Means for rapid weight loss with prolonged fasting. There are several steps to the diet, the first involves having as little as 3,500 calories a week, much less than a typical adult needs.

“It doesn’t emphasize the importance of nutritional quality and it is difficult to implement if you are someone who likes to eat with others,” he said. Problems such as brain fog, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. “

Someone eats the military plan for lunch.

As it sounds, the Military Diet is very controlled and repetitive, as Dr. Ax explains, this often involves eating multiple foods repeatedly while adhering to inadequate calorie intake. This may use as little as 800 to 1,100 calories several days a week.

“The foods included in this diet are quite unusual and not necessarily the most nutritious: cottage cheese, eggs, salt crackers and ice cream,” he said.

Proponents of this diet claim that you can lose up to ’10 pounds in less than a week. ‘

“But keep in mind that just because the number on the scale may go down while eating this diet doesn’t really mean your body composition or health,” he says. Improve markers such as insulin sensitivity But losing weight alone could mean that you’re losing mass from areas you don’t need, including muscle mass.

Plus, when you don’t eat enough it negatively affects your brain and your ability to focus, remember things, and be creative.

“You’re more likely to feel tired, sluggish, and foggy if you’re not properly fueled, and you may find it easier for you to get sick, as the stress of dieting can affect your immune system.” He said.

A woman taking medicine

Here’s the deal: The HCG diet involves taking the hormone HCG in an effort to drop a pound. This is a hormone that is produced in the body during pregnancy and is usually obtained only through a prescription for infertility.

Although most experts warn against taking the HCG diet, Poon says some people still try it because of their promise to lose weight quickly, not only is it detrimental to using HCG (unless your doctor tells you to). But it’s also a serious problem and detrimental to calorie restriction.

On this diet, Poon explains that you only eat 500 calories a day.Yes, that’s right: 500!

“You may lose weight quickly, mostly due to calorie restriction, but you may have symptoms such as fatigue, depression, blood clots, irregular heartbeat, and vitamin deficiency or an electrolyte imbalance. “The risks outweigh the benefits. I will definitely avoid this food no matter what.”

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