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Portland Trail Blazers sign TJ Leaf to a two-way deal.

The Portland Trail Blazers will sign former Indiana Pacers forward TJ Leaf to fill the team’s second two-way point, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.The 23-year-old UCLA product was selected for the Pacers’ 18th time in the 2017 draft – eight. Ranking behind Zach Collins

Prior to the 2017 draft, 6’10 Leaf worked with Portland̵

7;s Edge supporter Steve Dewald, highlighting his offensive skills and defensive flaws in pre-draft coverage.

One-way players can be great players in the regular season. But they are often marginalized in the summer. That is the puzzle that Leaf faces to the next level, as his defensive flaws will keep him off the pitch when it’s most important. Leif has a lot of work to do before his defense can handle his crimes. If he can find the right situation with the right coaching staff, then he has the tools to become an influential player in the NBA.

In his three years with Pacers, Leaf averaged 3.3 points on three shots, 34 percent off and two rebounds.

Leaf joins the Keljin Blevins wing in the Blazers two-way player brigade.

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