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Pose presents an instantly iconic wedding episode.

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I’m a sucker for television wedding episodes. It’s the most touching eyeglasses. It’s designed to make audiences cry, laugh, and believe in the perfect love of the picture. And I fell in love with it every time. Real-life weddings are filled with parades and performances. And the television is slanted in that direction. postNo wonder all the appropriate boxes are checked for the wedding. It even adapted some classic drama equipment. This includes not one but two ghosts. To make things come true, “Something Old, Something New,” written and directed by Janet Mock, is one of the most lavish TV weddings ever. But it’s yet another striking example of how this show distorts rules and expectations. Angel got the wedding of her dreams. But I felt a clear symbol of her and her community. post Use tropes at your wedding but still carve your own space. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and creativity.

The road to the wedding was quite difficult. Especially as Papi’s secret son Beto still feels like a forced plotline. But resolving this paradox is at least better than a poor introduction. It’s great to see Papi focusing on spending time with Beto and tracking who the character is. Papi has always given 100 per cent and he’s come a long way since the first season. He is still playful and playful. But they can live together. And to see him dive into parenthood is a joy. The scene between them is cute. But it’s more than a cheerful father-son relationship scene. Papi has some important conversations with Beto about masculinity, life, and feelings. He encouraged Beto to cry. give him space for sorrow This show is about rebuilding a family. Although Papi’s path to fatherhood was extraordinary, he had already proven himself as a parent.

It was then paired with a scene between Angel and her father, who she periodically contacted and gave her money even though he fired her when she came out as a transgender woman. Blanca was surprised by this. But Angel suggests that she still feels a family connection to him. When she meets him, it’s stressful. Sometimes he uses the correct pronoun. but also misleading He claimed to be trying, but he didn’t listen. He was self-centered. post This season has to contend with numerous characters’ relationships with their blood clans to mixed results. But these scenes between Angel and her father worked. post This was not used as a way of atonement for her father. Angels are right instead. This was for her to abandon her obligations to him. It was here that she realized that she had the opportunity to become a parent with someone who loved her very much.

Her initial reaction was to run away from Papi when she found out about Beto, but when she revealed in her wedding vows later in the episode She didn’t grow up with a good example of love and family. Her fear came from the truth and so did it. She finally came back to Papi and Beto. It definitely wasn’t smooth. Angel frantically captures Blanca to help Dubeto while Papi is running errands. Suddenly, the conflict over Beto’s sudden appearance in their lives turns into a more fundamental and complex plot. It’s funny to watch Angel fight Beto. But it’s nice to watch her try.

The first half of the episode also includes a new health improvement for Pray, who lost his sight due to infection. Pray this revelation to Blanca in a devastating scene. And he also revealed the gorgeous outfits he designed for her. But these scenes got a little lost in the battle of the whole wedding. They are narratively important and still rowdy. Even more superfluous is Lulu’s quick subplot that fires her bad boyfriend. Which feels like an afterthought. I really enjoyed Lulu this season. But her addiction and her path to sobriety were not treated with the same level of nuance and attention as other storylines. similar

But even with the timing and incomplete planning in the first half of this episode. But the last half hour covering the wedding day was a bright and instantly memorable television episode. Yes, it was sentimental. but pure emotion This doesn’t feel like a scam or cheap. It was all real and imaginary at once. Papi congratulated his groom. Reflecting on some of the key points he touched on Beto, he spoke about his expectations of masculinity. Lemar, Pray and Ricky were his only grooms. And he doesn’t have any blood relatives here like Angels. He is a real man with three gay grooms. And he admits that this is not normal. But it also meant something to him. Their courage was about going out and teaching him about love. big in another way post monotonous monologue But it ends with a heartfelt movement and emotion. Angel Bismark Curiel delivers the best performance of the series throughout the episode.

Cubby’s ghost swinging a martini appears during Papi’s speech, blinking at the fact that this wedding episode won’t play by the rules. This wedding is not just for one couple. It’s all about the community. It’s about a big family. And those who are not there are just as important as the people who are. At the bridal party, Elektra, Lulu and Blanca gave Angel’s traditional wedding gifts of old, new, borrowed, blue, and here and there. post Come back and enjoy the traditions These four gifts are specific to the characters presented and their relationship with Angels. They create their own traditions. Blanca explains the importance of her mother’s cookbook (the old stuff), Elektra gives the (new) luxurious fur coats more than just luxury. Lulu gave Angel a month of sober chips (something borrowed), a key symbol for their journey together with addiction.

Then there’s the blue one: Candy’s hammer. The candy hammer is the most iconic props in the history of postAnd this gift comes with the appearance of Candy’s ghost playing the piano, looking great, and giving Angel a heartfelt pre-wedding greeting. post Didn’t hold anything back here. It’s a fairy tale magic. The four wedding gift traditions have changed to something more specific. Something new but perfect in the world of the show. as well as editing rom-com-ready latest episode postWeddings are an extension of tradition. The ceremony was a beautiful showcase of the community and new rituals. It looked as though it was an expensive wedding by the numbers. until you look closer a little more and saw the other women In the crowd wearing the wedding dress Elektra saved them in the last episode. This wedding is a celebration of transgender and queer people. Like a ballroom

Indeed, Pray Tell’s oversight of the ceremony was reminiscent of a ballroom. This is another safe area that these characters have created for themselves. And they are doing it in their own way. There’s even a Papi song number ignoring the traditional vows instead of singing “I Swear.” Ricky has joined the backup. everyone’s sing.

Mock delivers impressive directing performance throughout the episode. Cubby and Candy’s presence works just as well as they do because they are written and directed without the gruesome shadows. It was a moment that felt special but not too much. All the grand wedding shots and sequences are expertly directed. Maximize the attractiveness and grandeur of everything. But some of the quieter, more zoomed scenes exemplify a fine mimicry at the helm. Pictures of Blanca and Christopher throughout the wedding show that they are both imagining themselves getting married one day by “their wedding.” that the two characters do not speak And the final scene of this episode – of Papi, Angel and Beto on the beach together – is very understated. It’s an uncomplicated, sparkling romance. It was the kind of love that Angel desperately desired her parents when she grew up. It’s the kind of love that Angel convinces herself that she doesn’t deserve it, but post Always claim that everyone deserves love. The subtle, sun-soaked delight of this finale is a perfectly happy ending. Papi and Angel’s journey to this wedding is a charming, powerful and alluring love story, and their immense love for each other touches every character in a powerful way. Make now not only beauty and wealth. but also emotional Humanity and heart

wandering observation

  • Okay, Angel’s wedding dress is absolutely perfect and gorgeous. But personally I think Electra is really best dressed. And that doesn’t feel like Electra? Teasing the bride thoroughly? I love it.
  • I was able to watch Angel and Papi for a few more minutes on the seating chart and accounting for the drama about interpersonal relationships.
  • Papi is very eloquent in the wedding license scene. He did his best to ensure that Angel’s worst nightmare didn’t come true. And that’s true love
  • Ricky is the perfect Fun Uncle.

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