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Potential Raids Against Office Strikers: “Bunch of BS”

After reports emerged on Friday morning indicating that the potential friction in the Raiders striker could lead to a massive shake-up, people with knowledge of the club’s thinking called speculation a ‘. Group BS “

The report comes from Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline and said: “The league speech is shaking. The Las Vegas Raiders front office will come shortly after this draft and it is expected. There will be a key leader to be launched. “

Reports suggest that Raiders’ pick Alex Leatherwood with 17th pick in the first round could be. The “last straw” in the latest selection series, which many experts looked at was imminent.

The working relationship of general manager Mike Mayock with coach Jon Gruden is examined for a story in Review-Journal On Sunday, with any indication that tensions could be between the two, Mayock was one of just seven general managers in the NFL, who are generally acknowledged to report to the head coach.

But there is no indication that Leatherwood̵

7;s choice was the result of anything but a collaboration between the two.

Mayock said after Thursday’s first round that Raiders decision makers knew the selection of Leatherwood would be “contradicting”.

“When we picked it, we had a TV and I obviously forgot which group it was. But they say they can have him in the second round and blah blah blah, ”Mayock said.“ I get it. The fan base will listen to that and the fan base will ask questions. ”

But the selection of Leatherwood was some turning point at odds with Mayock’s peculiarity in backing the crew for the selection, led by offensive coach Tom Cable, who was an early supporter of Leatherwood.

“This is probably Tom’s favorite player in the whole class,” Mayock said. “I mean, the Cable Coach has been with him for months since he first saw the tape. (Jon) Gruden loves this guy. Our scout loves this man.

“My favorite thing is when the second floor in our building, which is all the coaches, and the third floor, which is all the scouts, when we come together in conversation like Leatherwood, which makes me feel really good about choosing.”

Mayock’s explanation of the process that brought the Raiders to Leatherwood. It is not recommended that anyone cheat with this option. Even behind the feel is that the Raiders are excited about the addition of the Alabama All-American.

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