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Power outage at Kaiser Permanente’s Lakewood plant, 165 doses.

Staff at the Kaiser Permanente Lakewood Medical Office administered 165 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine Thursday after they were destroyed after a power outage at the facility.

The blackout, which Kaiser said was short-lived and caused by strong winds, caused Moderna’s vaccine storage refrigerator to shut down, causing the vaccine to exceed the required storage temperature.

Workplace officials work all day to administer as many vaccines as possible and 135 vaccinations before the vaccine expires, Kaiser said in a statement.

“The electricity to the premises and refrigerators has been restored, and the on-site refrigerator used to store Moderna̵

7;s COVID-19 vaccine is working properly again,” the statement said. Of Kaiser Permanente has been affected. “

The incident reflects how fragile the COVID-19 vaccine is. For example, Pfizer’s quantity must be kept at exceptionally cool temperatures. Both shots had to be handled quickly. The state also told providers such as public health agencies and local hospitals that they had to handle images within 72 hours of receiving them.

Colorado receives approximately 70,000 doses of the vaccine per week.

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