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Poynter Academy scolds ’60 minutes’ for contentious DeSantis report: ‘There really isn’t any place there.’

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies has come together with growing criticism of the controversial “60 Minutes” report, suggesting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R. was involved in a pay-to-play program with Publix. In the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine

“No, really there There, ”wrote Poynter senior media writer Tom Jones.

“60 Minutes” is the best and most respected investigative journalism program in television history. “And the messy times on Sunday’s program cause a lot of concern.”


7;60 Minutes’ for’ Explicitly Edited COVID-19 Public Video Clip: ‘Political Narration’

A report by Sharyn Alfonsi and published by Oriana Zill de Granados suggests DeSantis is giving Publix a preferential treatment to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine as the network donates $ 100,000 to the governor’s political action committee.

“If that’s true – if DeSantis runs the program,” pay for the play. “In connection with the vaccination for the coronavirus – that was explosive, but ’60 Minutes’ did not show strong evidence that DeSantis did it,” Jones wrote.

“Yes, Publix donates to DeSantis’ re-election campaign, but that’s not illegal or unusual. Big corporations donate to political campaigns on both sides,” continued Jones. “Still, the ’60 Minutes’ piece uses that as the primary evidence of DeSantis doing something shady, actually they don’t have much on that topic.”

Democratic government officials, conservative experts, Publix, DeSantis, and now liberal media watchers have all denied it.

CRITICS BLAST ’60 MINUTES ‘for’ FALSE NARRATIVE ‘where DESANTIS participated publicly in the pay-to-play vaccine program.

“There’s nothing wrong with news networks digging into how vaccines are distributed, and political engagement is a great place to fuel that story. But in this case, it looks like DeSantis is helpless, ”Jones wrote.“ If he does, ’60 Minutes’ fails to provide contextual information or sufficient evidence that he did … This doesn’t destroy the ’60 brand. Minutes’ but this isn’t a better time for the show.

Despite the widespread backlash, CBS News defended its reporting.

“When Florida data revealed that blacks were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors ’60 minutes, the facts about the vaccine release, regulated by the governor, we requested and made the request. Interview with dozens of sources and Relevant agencies We asked for an interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis. He declined. We spoke twice with Jared Moskowitz, State Emergency Management Director. But he declined to provide camera interviews for our stories until the thought deadline we ignore their views. That’s not true, ”a CBS News spokesperson said in a Fox News statement.

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CBS also pushed Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner back from Democrats, who said: “The intent is false”

“Compared to his speech yesterday, we also spoke with Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner for more than 50 years. The facts reported by 60 minutes have often sparked controversy and provoked. “Our story on Sunday night speaks for itself.” A CBS News spokesperson continued.

When asked why the defense of the pay-to-play allegations from the “60 Minutes” report was not in the statement, a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News that the news magazine had repeatedly made claims in a Florida newspaper and denied it. Additional Comments

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