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Pregnant influential Emily Mitchell reveals cause of death

A doctor determines the cause of death of lifestyle influencer Emily Mitchell, who died tragically with her unborn child just days before Christmas.

Mitchell, who is expecting her fifth child, was having breakfast on the morning of December 22 when she suddenly became unresponsive. Efforts to save the 36-year-old and her unborn child were unsuccessful.

The Rhode Island blogger, which maintains the Hidden Way Instagram account, has died of a pulmonary embolism, according to the GoFundMe for Families page, which announced doctors’ results on Tuesday.

Pulmonary embolism involves a clot in a person’s pulmonary artery. This condition is common But may be fatal Pregnant women are at higher risk.

A friend announced the update on behalf of Mitchell̵

7;s husband, Joseph.

“A few days ago we learned from the State Medical Examiner’s office that the official cause of death is a pulmonary embolism. Although it would be challenging to predict how this would happen. But we know that all respondents and healthcare professionals do everything they can to help, so we can be sure it’s her time. God called you home. “

Mitchell shared the news of her latest pregnancy with 174,000 followers on Nov. 19.It was not clear when the baby, both named Joey, was due to be delivered on Dec. 8, she wrote to followers. Of her that she will have the fifth caesarean section.

Her social media account shares stories of parenting and home schooling of her four children, Finn Isla, Eidi and Luna, as well as Faith.

“Beautiful inside and out, Emily has an infectious smile and a benevolent spirit,” her online obituary reads. her Emily is a symbol of strength during the most challenging times for many. ”

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