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Pro-Touring 1965 Ford Mustang hides 2011 Boss 302 engine and other surprises.

Hello and welcome to the Ford equivalent of Singer Porsche. This 1965 Pro-Touring Mustang Fastback is not only But built to run fast only But also different from what you might expect. Would be expensive as well

The 1965 Mustang is good. But nothing to write home about This was the beginning of the Muscle car era and the result was reduced aggression. But there are exceptions to rules like the GT350R, which set up an auction for an estimated $ 3.85 million.

We feel the build is inspired by a particularly expensive and cool model, mostly because the bumper concept doesn’t include anything chrome. There are also other touches such as the underside stripe of the car, the gaping mouthpiece on the license plate, presumably and the bonnet scoop.

Ford or Shelby may not like that $ 5,000 “ordinary”

; has become an infinitely more precious thing. But they may respect the craftsmanship and ideas that go into this. Open up the bonnet and you won’t find a regular retro block or even a typical crate engine.

We’re dealing with the Boss 302 V8, but not the iconic retro unit. But this comes from a rather unusual 2011 Ford Mustang variant with a lot of add-ons from Ford Performance or Detroit Speed.Even the mounts are unusual, with an aluminum K-member.

The rear suspension has a rather unusual appearance, with a cantilever suspension that you can see under the window. Even though the wheel settings are unusual, the “squared” look has the same size 18×11 inch wheels with little camber angles sprinkled on top. It was as if a racing engineer was asked to build a chassis without knowing it would be a 1965 car.

The wide body kit gives an extra four inches of girth and has a whimsical feel when paired with the mid-pipe. The seats give it a Singer look, but it’s actually based on the wrecked Ford GT supercar. The owner even bought it before the car and we agreed we could go with anything.

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