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Provocative Tim Cook announced Wednesday, calling on regulators to take charge.

Apple CEO Tim Cook released the announcement on Wednesday and said that everyone involved in the January 6 blockade of the US Congress should be “responsible”.

Apple’s chief executive sat down.CBS This morning, ”host Gayle King will speak about an unspecified company announcement scheduled for Jan. 13, however, during a scheduled interview, King asked Cook about the siege of the Capitol.

“I think it’s important that people take responsibility for that,” Cook said. “This is not something to skate, this is something we have to be very serious and understand a lot, and we have to move on.”


When asked if President Donald Trump should be held accountable for his part in inciting an uprising, Cook did not name the president. But said everyone involved should be responsible.

“I think no one is above the law, I mean, that’s great for our country and we are a country with laws,” Cook said.

Following the Capitol Hill attacks, Apple took steps to remove conservative social media platform Parler from the App Store for its failure to moderate content that might have provoked violence.

Comments on the siege of City Hall and President Trump are just a small example of a lengthened interview that “CBS This Morning is scheduled to be published on Wednesday, previously scheduled interviews were held for different purposes, King said.Cook agreed to comment on the Capitol Hill situation.

It is not clear what the interview will be, although King said it was a major announcement for the company. She said it was not a new product, but “bigger and better”, which was “very exciting.” Regarding the announcement, though, interviews were conducted remotely with King at the Apple Store and Cook speaking at Apple Park in Cupertino.

As for the pending announcement, Apple has yet to release an app tracking transparency feature, which promises to arrive in early 2021. Know because Apple has been working to promote Privacy policy at the past annual technology show

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