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PS5 stocks will be available through Sony Rewards on Friday.

The PS5 hasn’t been on store shelves for a long time, with stock falling almost as fast as possible. However, if you are a Sony Rewards member, you have one more chance to snag the new console very soon, starting tomorrow, a limited number of PS5s will be available through the Sony Rewards website.Sony Rewards Twitter account states it will tweet a direct link tomorrow. And we will definitely update this story when that happens.

It’s free to sign up for Sony Rewards, even if you’re a new user, you won’t be able to get one on your console tomorrow. Every product on the Sony Rewards site will be traded for points, which means you̵

7;ll have to create enough to get them. There are things you can do to earn points. The first is to shop with your Sony credit card or PlayStation Visa.You can also earn points by registering specific DVD and Blu-ray discs and uploading selected movie tickets through the Sony Rewards app.

The last way to earn points is to link your PlayStation and Sony Rewards accounts and make purchases on the PlayStation Store.Each purchase you make earns you 1 point, even if you use your Sony card or PlayStation VISA as well. Receive an additional 5 which will be reflected in your account after every credit card statement.

New PS5 games in the Sony Rewards store are priced at 5,999 to 6,999 points – with money, these games cost $ 59.99 to $ 69.99.It hasn’t been confirmed how much the PS5 will cost through Sony Rewards, but if this math is up to you. It can be expected to be around 49,999 points for a disk console. You can check how many points you have by visiting the Sony Rewards website or app.For more details, see the Sony Rewards FAQ page.

We contacted Sony Rewards about PS5 availability tomorrow and will report back if we learn more.

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