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PSA: Mass Effect Legendary Edition will not be in Game Pass, just EA Play Pro.

If you’re hoping that EA and Xbox’s latest partnership on Game Pass means you might be able to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition on a subscription service, we’ve got bad news. EA Community Manager confirmed that the only subscription service available is EA Play Pro.

If you are a Game Pass Ultimate member, you will automatically receive a basic EA Play membership, which will bring you 10% off the game.In addition to accessing the EA Play game library, you can still purchase the Mass Effect Legendary Edition from Digital storefront or normal retail store

Keep in mind that EA Play Pro is a PC subscription, so if you only have a console in your house, you̵

7;re out of luck.Likewise, EA Play Pro is available for $ 15 per month, giving you access to the latest PC games. EA at launch

Still, it’s possible that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition might arrive on Game Pass in the future, FIFA 21 was similarly released on EA Play Pro but was released on Game Pass just six months later. This will depend on EA’s plans for the entire remastered trilogy.

“[Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming to Game Pass is] Absolutely possible, although I am not aware of the current plan or timeframe for anything other than accessing EA Play Pro at this time, ”EA said.

Still stuck on the fence to pick up the Mass Effect remaster? You might have to be there a bit longer for IGN’s review.EA gave the code a review on Monday, so review editor Dan Stapleton is still punching through the massive RPG franchise. But without the expense of his * family check * log *, you can check out his early off-wrist impressions in the link above.

In the meantime, check out the 10 Biggest Changes to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition or What It Comes in Each Edition.
Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer for IGN.

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