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Psaki protects oil prices ‘Consistent with’ over the decades

white house secretary Jane PsakiJen PsakiOvernight Energy: Biden Administrator Supports Trump’s Approval for Alaska’s Core Drilling Program | Senate Republicans Throw in $8 Billion for Infrastructure | EPA Amends Trump Rules Limiting State Powers To Block Oil Pipeline On the Money: Biden Offers Trillion Budget | Senate Republicans Offer 8 Billion Infrastructure Offers | Biden Faces Trump̵

7;s Steel Tax Dilemma Biden Budget Expands Government Role in Economy More On Friday it said oil prices had “stabilized” and defended them like a decade ago as oil prices hit their highest levels since 2014 ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

“While Americans are traveling They actually paid less for gas than they did on average over the past 15 years, and they paid the same in May 2018 and May 2019,” Psaki said in a statement.

“While prices have risen from last year’s lows, Due to the sharp drop in demand, the $3 per gallon price remains in line with prices over the past several decades,” she added.

White House officials also noted that prices have “steady” after their climb earlier this month. And it noted that gas supply has also returned to normal after the temporary closure of a large oil pipeline earlier this month sparked panic buying.

“This is the result of an aggressive response by all government administrations to the unprecedented shutdown of the pipeline,” she said.

Gas prices hit their highest since 2014 on Friday, costing an average $3.04 per gallon nationwide. According to AAA

However, according to the organization, prices were much lower than gasoline prices during Memorial Day weekend in 2014. to $3.65 per gallon

Entering Memorial Day weekend in 2018, gasoline prices averaged $2.93 and they and average About $2.84 on the Friday before Memorial Day in 2019.

Gas prices are likely to increase in the summer. This year, analysts also said they expect to see prices rise. As more and more people get vaccinated. and travel more as the coronavirus outbreak subsides.

Republicans have seen an increase. Price is an opportunity to target Biden administration..

As talks on the infrastructure package continue, Psaki reiterated the administration’s opposition to a fuel tax hike.

“The president knows the price of oil is a pain point for Americans. Especially his middle-class family he was at the center of his economic agenda. that’s why President BidenJoe BidenPaul Ryan: Voters won’t be impressed with ‘Yes, the men and the flatterers who flocked to Mar-a-Lago,’ the intelligence agency tells the White House they have unverified evidence of coronavirus origin: Milley report says US plans for evacuation Afghan translators leave the region I don’t agree with any proposal to raise fuel taxes,” she said.

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