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Psaki would not say whether Biden supported the MLB Georgia boycott, despite past comments.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared embarrassed Monday over President Biden’s previous comments about Major League Baseball pulling an All-Star game from Georgia.

Last week, before the MLB said it would leave in response to state ballot laws, Biden said he would “Strongly support” the baseball players who drive the game.

“I think today’s professional athletes take an incredible amount of responsibility. I strongly encourage them to do so,” Biden told ESPN last week. “People look at them, they are leaders, the people who are the most victims are leaders in these sports.”


6;Strongly Supporters’ MLB Move All-Stars Games Out of Atlanta Over Georgia Election Law

ESPN’s Sage Steele referred to MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark, saying he looks forward to moving all-star games out of Atlanta because of the law. That baseball will decide to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta due to this political issue. ”

During Monday’s news conference, Psaki repeated Biden’s words but framed it as he supported the league’s ability to make decisions for themselves. “He encouraged them to make decisions and respond to what the players asked. Yes, because many people are indeed affected by these laws, ”she said.

She later told Fox News Peter Doocy that the context of ESPN’s question is “around a league meeting to discuss this exact issue”.

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Doocy was followed by asking if Biden would support a Masters move away from Georgia if Professional Golf Association (PGA) players were gathered behind doing so.

“I’m sure you will ask him this or this question,” Psaki replied, “but our aim is to do what we can to make voting easier and more accessible across the country, and that’s where it started. Beginning of our efforts To come from the White House “

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