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Publix considers Alabama COVID vaccine distribution.

Publix, a southeastern grocery chain, said it was in communication with Alabama and five other states in the COVID-19 vaccination practice area.

The news came as grocers prepared to offer vaccinations at 105 Florida stores.

Communications Manager Jared Glover today confirmed that Publix is ​​speaking to officials in Georgia, Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia.Publix has 1

,264 branches, with 79 in Alabama.

The Tampa Bay Times reported today that Publix expects to triple its vaccine stores just a week after the vaccination program was launched last week.

The Lakeland-based network offers vaccination appointments for people 65 and older in 12 counties.

Immunizations are available at select drug stores until supplies are sold and free of charge. Appointments are made using an online booking system.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the first stores were selected for medium-sized counties with a large percentage of the elderly. But not as much as healthcare infrastructure.On Jan. 5, Publix and the Florida Department of Health announced that 15,000 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will begin shipping in 22 stores.

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