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Pursuit ended with the driver crashing into a semi truck in Pomona.

The track ended about two hours later when a driver crashed a large rig in Pomona on Tuesday evening.

The chase continues along Riverside and Jurupa Valley, then travels through the San Gabriel Valley and the Diamond Bars. This car was passing through Pomona around 6:15 PM as Sky5 arrived above the chase.

At least six sheriff’s patrols are chasing the pickup truck.

The car drives counter-traffic in Holt Avenue through a red light.

The driver collided at least once on the road surface in Pomona and continued on.

Pickup trucks drove to La Verne around 6:30 PM and then returned to the residential neighborhood of Pomona.

The car enters the sidewalk for a few seconds and turns right.

Able to see the driver throwing something out of the car around 1


The pickup truck enters the shopping center parking lot in the Paloma Drive and Holt Avenue areas, collides with another truck, and continues on. The driver then returned to the same parking a few minutes later, passing through and exiting the driveway.

As soon as it got off the road, it turned onto the road when it crashed into a semi-truck before 7:00 p.m. in San Antonio Avenue.

The car’s airbags appeared to have been deployed, and one passenger was seen hanging his arms and headed out the window.

The driver finally got out of the car and crawled to the officer. Both the driver and the passengers were detained.

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