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Queen ‘should apologize to the public’ to Meghan Markle as US celebrities rallies around Duchess Royal | news

Co-host of popular US talk show The View has devastated the royal family as “desperate” in the attack on Meghan Markle, ABC co-host Sunny Hostin urged the Queen to apologize to the public. The “unprotected” Meghan line between Sussex and the rest of the royal family has escalated ahead of Sunday’s Oprah Winfrey interview.

Days before the interview, Buckingham Palace announced an investigation into the allegations of bullying by the Duchess of Sussex.

Co-host of The View Whoopi Goldberg chaired a lively debate about the latest drama about the royal family.

When pressed by Ms Goldberg, Ms Hostin had a desperate attack on the royal behavior and timing was calculated.

She told The View: “I was really shocked that instead of trying to resolve this divide rather than support Megan and Harry, I think it took his wife and his family left England because of the racial hatred of her. Face He doesn̵

7;t want history to repeat itself after what happened to his mother to the media.

“I’m just amazed that they don’t even try to apologize for not protecting her any more and instead.

“It talks a lot, I think about how the royal family works.”

Simply: Meghan’s friends jump in for her defense and destroy ‘The Firm’ in a row.

Co-host Meghan McCain echoed the matter, saying the investigation was timed.

She said: “This was interesting because it was a very clear transfer on Meghan Markle and one of the things she allegedly violated was an email to the authorities in the morning.

So I think it’s obviously ridiculous on so many levels.

Now they are trying to make Meghan Markle really look bad, including accusing her of wearing a diamond earring given by the Prince of Saudi Arabia after Jamal Khashoggi was killed.

Vanity Fair correspondent Katie Nicholl said people in the United States were taking sides with Meghan, which could cause problems for the royal family.

She said: “A lot of Americans are now the ‘Meghan team’ and this is causing big problems for the royal family.

“They are very popular in the US. But you hear a lot of Americans say ‘This is a subtraction.’ ”

In a clip released from an interview by Oprah, Ms Markle accuses ‘The Firm’ of using the royal descriptions – as a sale of “false narratives based on misleading and malicious information.” “

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