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‘Quiet Place Part II’ Gets $4.8M In Thursday Night Trailer $1.4M For ‘Cruella’ – Deadline

After 15 months postponement from Paramount’s pandemic Quiet place, part 2 Directed by John Krasinski, it finally hit theaters last night. $4.8M. That’s an amazing start: the original quiet place There was a preview Thursday night at $4.3 million. Back in April 2018

Meanwhile, Disney’s cruel, It’s available on Disney+ Premier for $29.99. $1.4M last night.

Quiet place, part 2The show, which reteams Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt, has 3,700 theater reservations and also plays in Imax, Dolby and PLF. cruel It’s playing at the 3,892 site and is expected to make around $1

7 million, although rival studios are seeing much higher numbers.

Paramount may be the first studio to begin reporting Thursday night’s preview numbers. Many turned away from doing so. Even though the exhibition has returned Since the numbers are still unclear, however, this weekend kicks off the summer with consistent product supply. Quiet place, part 2The premier theater is from Los Angeles. Salt Lake City, New York, Phoenix, El Paso, Austin Farr (Texas), Albuquerque, Fresno (California), and Dallas.

For the largest opening day since the end of March 2020 when the pandemic began in earnest That’s the release of Legendary’s Warner Bros./HBO Max. Godzilla vs. Kong That grossed $9.6 million at 2,409 theaters, or $3,980 per location. That monster movie was posted for 3 days with $31.6 million and 5 days with $48.1 million. And it’s the best starting point we’ve seen during the New Line/HBO Max’s covids. Mortal Kombat It was second on opening days and weekends during the pandemic with $9 million and $23.3 million respectively.

We will have more updates for you when they arrive.

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