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Rachel Bilson Won’t Let Her Daughter Watch Star Wars

“I want it to be like that”

During the appearance on Bet Moms Podcast Rachel reveals what the 6-year-old thinks of her parents’ acting career.

“I think she knew her mother – and her father was an actress too, so she knew we were in that world. But she didn’t know that level, of course. She didn’t know how famous her father was or the character he played, ”explains Rachel.

She added that she thought the little girl knew Hayden was in it. Star wars But “I don’t know what that means because you can’t see anything.”

“I want it to be like that, thank God because he killed the children. [in the movies]So let her keep it until she’s 80, ”Rachel joked.

For Briar, see Rachel’s list. OCShe decided that it would not happen. “Until you’re 35!”

Rachel also explains Briar’s plans for the future, explaining that she has shown an interest in acting.

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