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Radar images reveal a fleet of Navy ships. filmmakers claim

Filmmakers who leaked footage of a UFO threatening a warship off the coast of California in 2019 released new radar images Thursday showing the USS Omaha was beset by an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Jeremy Corbell claims the video was filmed in the ship’s combat data center on July 15, 2019, earlier this month. He introduced a video clip taken aboard the USS Omaha of a mysterious spherical object that flew above the ship before it disappeared into the ocean.

“This is verifiable electro-optic data. which represents a series of major UFO incidents in the warning area outside San Diego,” Corbell tweeted Thursday.

A new, unspecified clip shows the crew aboard the Omaha observing as many as nine UFOs swarming the ship at speeds approaching 1

60 mph.

“Well, they are going fast.” A sailor was heard to say before adding, “Oh, it’s coming back.”

The Department of Defense has previously confirmed that the 18-second video of Corbell leaking three UFOs floating above the USS Russell in July 2019 is real.

Corbell and his colleague KLAS-TV Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp appeared on Thursday’s Mystery Wire show focused on Knapp’s paranormal to discuss the new clip.

“Fortunately, we had footage from the CIC {Combat Information Center} received from a dedicated crew called in to film these unusual events,” Corbell said on the show.

USS Omaha, the ship on which the UFO crash occurred.
USS Omaha, the ship on which the UFO crash occurred.
US Navy

The filmmakers said that at one point 14 UFOs could be seen on the Navy’s radar. but no such picture

“It supports the hypothesis that these are not just balloons that fall into the water. It is not something that can be easily explained, these are truly unidentifiable numbers in mass,” he said.

An unidentified aerial phenomenon is part of A “peculiar invasion” involved nine US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean in July 2019, researchers say.

“These objects are of unknown origin,” Kapp said. They show talents that go beyond our own technology. What we know is And some of them appear to be interdimensional ships. They can fly in the air They can enter the ocean. They travel through water as easily as they travel through air.”

The Pentagon did not make a public statement on the latest footage Thursday night.

The new revelations come as defense officials prepare to present Congress with a report detailing everything the government knows about UFOs next month. That was the mandate attached to former President Trump’s $2.3 trillion COVID-19 bill in December.

last wednesday It has been revealed that former project leader Elizondo has identified advanced space threats. File a complaint with the Pentagon. It alleges that officers tried to assassinate his character after he whistled about UFO evidence.

“The level of interest is entering a crisis,” Elizondo told The Post in April. “I think. [government officials realize that] It would be like putting the cat back in the bag, or like putting the toothpaste back into the tube. Now that the government has recognized the reality of unexplained air phenomena … it will be difficult to reverse. “

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