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Rainbow Six Cheater Suspected of Ubisoft Hostage Deception

Illustration for the article, report title: Rainbow Six Cheater Suspected In Ubisoft Hostage Hoax

Photograph: A. Andrej Ivanov / Contributor (Getty Images)

Myself as a professional Rainbow six The cheater was accused of suspecting Ubisoft Montreal’s hostage fraud situation last November. But he denied any involvement.

In November 2020 Montreal police respond to hostage situation At the Canadian gaming company’s headquarters, which eventually became a fake. Montreal newspapers press report Yanni Ouahioune – A Rainbow six A player with an uncertain history reported to have been banned from the game more than 80 times – is a suspect in the case, as translated by Kotaku

press He reportedly spoke to Ouahioune via Snapchat.He previously admitted to a 2017 attack against Ubisoft Montreal, but denied any involvement in the 2020 hostage scam. press Sentencing materials related to the matter linked Ouahioune to the November incident.

The document claims to link the December 2020 hostage report, another hostage bomb threat report, and the January shooting fake and the subsequent impersonation of a Ubisoft employee during the same period. The same skepticism has urged Ubisoft to ban the professional. Rainbow six Players and streamer Spoit.GODSENT REPORT press. That player’s account was allegedly hacked several weeks ago by Ouahioune.

In fact, Ouahioune bragged about that hack.. However, he now said there was someone else behind the incident and that he had only made the first claim of the scandalous charge.

French authorities, meanwhile, are suing Ouahioune for creating a fake Ubisoft website to steal someone else’s passwords. press It was reported that additional charges are unlikely to be made in Montreal because Ouahioune is a French citizen. This makes extradition unlikely.

Montreal police said. Kotaku In their email Continue To work with other agencies on investigations for One or more suspects were “identified, searched and arrested” in a Ubisoft Montreal hostage fraud situation last November. A spokesperson for the department was not available to provide further information at this time.

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