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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1.3 Patch Notes: Buffs Tachanka Removes Tactical Realism.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S1.3 patch works on all platforms and the update brings a few minor changes. But there is significance to the game. The patch’s biggest changes are focused on Tachanka, and they buff his Shumikha Launcher in almost every conceivable way, including increased magazine capacity, increased blast radius and timing. Falling explosion

Both the Jackal and Jager were slightly nerfed, with the C7E and 416-C weapons holding less ammo in their magazines than before.The Ace and Thermite received a few set changes, with the former smoke grenades being replaced. Claymore Clay and More Clay Mine after being turned into a smoke grenade.

This patch also removes all Tactical Realism playlist types from the game. Similar to the hardcore mode of Call of Duty, Tactical Realism has removed most of the game̵

7;s HUD and disabled enemy markers. The style has been replaced with options. “Interface Settings” that allows players to enable and disable HUD parameters as they wish. This patch also changes the way the Ranked Tournament is canceled. Players can now cancel the match only during the preparatory phase of the first round, and no abstention will be counted. Relationships will result in the game being canceled.

Note the patch Rainbow Six Siege. Y6S1.3.

Operator balance adjustment


  • Replace Smoke Grenades with Claymore.
  • SELMA Aqua Breacher destroys Mira’s Black Mirror window.


  • Reduced the C7E magazine capacity to 25 + 1 shells (from 30 + 1).
  • Reduced C7E damage to 42 (from 46).


  • Reduced 416-C magazine capacity to 25 + 1 (from 30 + 1).
  • Adds a 416-C vertical kick.


Shumikha Launcher

  • Increased the magazine capacity to 7 (out of 5).
  • Increased firing time to 7 seconds (from 5 seconds).
  • Reduced explosion time to 0.75 second (from 1 second).
  • Increased the radius of the firing area to 1.9m (from 1.7m).
  • Increased the “drop starting distance” of projectiles to 20 m (from 8 m).
  • Increased bullet speed to 30 (from 20).


  • Reduces the time to set up to 0.65 seconds (from 0.9 seconds).
  • Reduces the wear time to 0.3 seconds (from 0.42 seconds).


  • Replace Claymore with Smoke Grenades.

Changes and improvements

Game balancing

Designated Marksman Rifle (ATTACKERS)

  • Remove the 1.0x scope access.
  • Provides access to 1.5x, 2.0x and 2.5x scopes.
  • Add 3.0x as the default region.

Player comfort

Eliminating tactical realism

  • Removed Tactical Realism playlist type from Custom Games.
  • Added an interface setting to the options menu that allows players to enable and disable some HUD parameters.
  • All Tactical Realism playlists recorded by players will be removed.

Ubisoft Connect

  • Micro App Stats Coming to Ubisoft Connect Overlay.
  • Discover your stats and compare them with your friends.
  • Discover your playing style as an attacker and as a defender.

Game health

Cancellation of the Rank Tournament

  • Voting to cancel the contest can only be done during the preparation stage of the first round of the tournament.
  • When a player refrains from voting, it is treated as a “no” vote instead of being counted.
  • Voting continues to be decided by a majority with ties to agree to the cancellation.

Bug fix


  • FIXED – Attackers can use 2 drones to push the eliminator planted inside the objective room.
  • FIXED – Environmental destruction is not replicated for players participating in ongoing tournaments.
  • FIXED – Players who leave ranked or no ranked matches sometimes fail to re-enter and load infinitely.
  • FIXED – Players can earn double MMR if 4 players leave the match and rejoin.
  • FIXED – Explosives can destroy Bandit’s Shock Wire through reinforced walls and indestructible areas.
  • FIXED – Canceling the ranked queue may result in penalties being abandoned even if the player has never attended the tournament.

Level design

  • FIXED – The drone can see through the curtains above the window near 1F Red Stairs on the Villa map.
  • FIXED – The door on the east side of the 2F bedroom is blocked if the player is AFK on the Club House map.
  • FIXED – Players can make mistakes inside cars located in garages on the home map.
  • FIXED – Drones are stuck in a pile of wood in EXT Stable on Villa map.
  • FIXED – Payphones have no conflicts with Operators on the Outback map.
  • FIXED – The spotlight in the 1F waiting room will no longer illuminate the surroundings when viewed from the 1st floor customs on the border map.
  • FIXED – Defenders can detect outdoors when they stand near the door frame in 1F Waiting Room on the Border Map.
  • FIXED – Collision issue around windows on consulate maps.
  • FIXED – Player can place defuser during ignition in 1F Main Lobby on Border Map.
  • FIXED – Attackers have an unfair line of sight through the drone vents from the EXT Office Balcony to the 1F bedroom on the skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on the Outback map.
  • Fixed – Multiple collision issue on Chalet map on Xbox Series X.


  • FIXED – Echo Yokai and Mozzie’s captured drones have lost signal on the stairs in the B Snowmobile Garage Corridor on the Chalet map.
  • FIXED – When Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge explodes, the HUD will remain on screen.
  • FIXED – A player with RFF can defeat Caveira while she is interrogating an attacker.

User experience

  • Fixed – Minor issues with cosmetics and UI.
  • Fixed – Localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed – Issues with sound, SFX and animations throughout the game.
  • FIXED – Infinite loading will be displayed if the player resumes the match and enters the options menu before the reveal operator ends.
  • Fixed – An error was received when trying to purchase a currency pack or digital content from the first party store in the game on PS5.
  • FIXED – Inconsistent difficulty for Flores in the Battle Pass and Operators sections.
  • FIXED – Players were kicked out of Squad after changing speech language on Xbox.
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