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Ram recalls more than 450,000 large trucks due to potentially falling wheels

The Ram HD truck is a beast with a luxurious interior. But as with other FCA products, defects can seep into the design or manufacturing process. Recently recalled from short-circuit risks that could lead to vehicle firing, HD cables have been recalled to “extremely high-definition” quality. Fix less serious problems

The FCA says that 446,643 units sold in the United States feature a service and owner’s manual with incorrect bolt nut torque recommendations. If too much torque is applied to the lug nuts This condition can affect studs. This leads to wheel separation while driving the Ram HD.

The company is not aware of any injuries or accidents. related to this problem And recall conditions are only available on vehicles where wheels have been removed as part of a refurbishment or service procedure. Dealers are in possession of Fiat Chrysler̵

7;s exact instructions, and brand new HDs are now being delivered to customers with updated manuals.

Which heavy-duty trucks are involved in this voluntary recall? These will be the 2012 to 2021 Ram 3500 pickup trucks, as well as the 4500 and 5500 cabs equipped with dual rear wheels and flange mounting nuts. FCA says 31,086 additional vehicles are being called in Canada, 32,365 trucks. in Mexico and 104 in markets outside North America.

As with every recall, Ram will be free as their mistake led to this announcement in the first place. meanwhile Customers can wait to be inspected and replace wheel studs as needed. In addition to the correct torque requirements in the service and owner’s manual.

In terms of HDs, the 3500 can be yours from $36,470 for a rear-wheel-drive Tradesman model with a regular cabin, eight-foot box and a 6.4-liter HEMI engine. The chassis cab is slightly more expensive at $40,860 before equipment. Specially supplemented with Cummins 6.7 liters of torque.

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