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Rangers have the playoffs in mind, despite the boy names.

For the young Rangers team that are in the final stages of the rebuilding process and want to establish themselves as an ongoing competitive organization, the measure of expectations heading into the NHL’s most unusual season. Historically, it can be more complex than usual.

“Expectations are a funny word,” Chris Kreider said on a Zoom call on Wednesday. “You ask every guy on any team in the league and their expectations will be higher for themselves and for their group. He more than anyone outside the group can fit them.

“I think it’s our goal. [to make the playoffs] As opposed to expectation You are not entitled to anything or receive anything in this league. You have to get it every night.There are no bad hockey teams in this league, every team has depth and talent ̵

1; there’s a reason it’s the best league in the world. [Playoffs are] Goal. To achieve that goal we have to do it one game at a time and keep on building and keep progressing because it will be difficult It’s going to be a long season and I guess it’s short. ”

With management head coach David Quinn and all the players in charge throughout the training camp, getting a playoff title in May is a realistic goal, Rangers will have to adjust to the top. The lineup combines new and improved faces into a tough team.

Alexis Lafreniere
Alexis Lafreniere
Nick Homler / NY Rangers

All while competing in a packed Eastern Division with 56 shortened scheduled games featuring trendy play amid a rampaging epidemic.

“We don’t have 82 games to figure out,” said Kreider, who is entering his ninth season on Broadway. “The big focus of our training camp is to admit that we don’t have a lot of time to prepare throughout the course. In training camps, we don’t have a lot of games to punch tickets. The biggest thing is a fresh start and a good start. ”

Rangers will open the 2020-21 season on Thursday at Madison Square Garden with islander Henrik Lundqvist will not enter the net for the first time since 2005.Marc Staal will not be in the blue line for the first time since 2007 and Jesper Fast will not be in the wing for the first time since 2014.

Rangers will feature highly regarded goalkeeper Igor Chesterkin, big youngster in K’Andre Miller and the former talent for Alexis Lafreniere Chesterkin and Miller was ripened in the corporate system and was eventually harvested for the opening night roster. And the Rangers were granted the rights to the Lafreniere overall draft for the first time when their logo emerged from the lottery machine in August.

The future is here and all three new faces are playing a big role for the upcoming season.

“We have a lot of lads, I think we might be there as one of the youngest teams in the league,” Kreider said. “The brothers we have, the experienced guys, help the boys and socialize. Well, well, get to know the guys for the younger ones than our group.What I’ve seen are guys who were probably 18, 19, 20 last year and some guys in their first year. Looks much more comfortable on the ice in the room. I think the whole group has been together long enough to have that. [comfort] With everyone. New people coming in are welcomed and I immediately think appropriate.

“I think the exciting thing about having this youth is how much potential this group has, how much of each person has the potential to grow each day. It’s a really exciting time to be a real Ranger and Rangers fan. ”

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