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Rare ‘black fungus’, more common in COVID-19 patients in India

Medical professionals working in hospitals in India have been hit by COVID-19 patients.The situation has worsened for weeks, and a new report also indicates an increase in rare cases of fungal infections affecting the brain.

This infection is called mucormycosis and is caused by fungi from a group called mucormycetes.These fungi live in the soil environment and on plants.

Mucormycosis “is very serious, has a high mortality rate, and you need surgery and a lot of medication to cure it,” says Peter Collignon, who is on the WHO Specialist Committee on Antibiotic Resistance and Infectious Diseases. Yeast The Guardian.

Fungi can enter your body through inhalation, “and when your immune system can̵

7;t get it under control, they invade your brain base, which can become a very real and serious problem.” say

Treatment may involve medications and surgery to cut out the infected tissue.

Illness is rare. But the exact number of cases is difficult to estimate. In the United States, there is no national surveillance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). study According to San Francisco data from 1992-93, 1.7 cases per million people were found.Some symptoms of mucormycosis are nasal congestion or congestion, headache, swollen face, chest pain, and black lesions on the bridge of the nose. According to the CDC.

The coronavirus situation in India may result in an increase in mucormycosis cases. “We are now giving a large number of high-dose steroids to people with COVID-19 if they need intensive care because of the high levels of anabolic steroids in India. Steroids help treat inflammation. But steroids suppress your immune system too, ”Collignon says.“ We’re trying to reduce your inflammation with steroids. But that means the ability to fight normal infections, such as fungi, is also reduced. ”

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There are some states in India reporting the case. Local media in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, have had more than 200 cases. New York TimesIn Gujarat, data from public hospitals suggest that there are about 300 cases, according to The Guardian.

The Indian Council of Medical Research and the Union’s Ministry of Health are recommending care when handling soil and other materials that may contain mold, according to The Guardian.It also supports personal hygiene practices and stops immune-suppressing drugs, for example. Steroids as soon as possible

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