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Ravens Sign Veteran Offensive Tackle Alejandro Villanueva

Adding Villanueva remains an offensive line for Ravens, who signed right defender Kevin Zeitler in March, then draft Ben Cleveland in the third round over the weekend. Increased possibility that they would sign an experienced attacker lineman after they hadn’t drafted a fight.

Head coach John Harbaugh said Tire Phillips would compete for the right job, but Villanueva gave Baltimore a seasoned veteran as a possible alternative.Villanueva became the Pittsburgh start-up in 2016 and was nominated for the Pro Bowl. In 2017 and 2018

Speculation Villanueva could return to Pittsburgh after he was hit by free agency. However, left-draft Steelers managed Dan Moore Jr. from Texas A&M in the fourth round, Moore was a three-year starter in the left-hand fight for the Aggies and Pittsburgh hoped. He will be able to get started right away.

Villanueva was not enlisted in 201

0, has served three tours in Afghanistan and is decorated with a bronze star for the bravery. He returned to football in 2014 when he signed for the Philadelphia Phillies as a defense. After being disqualified by the Eagles, Villanueva was signed by Steelers, where he switched to offensive.

With Villanueva 6ft 9,320 pounds, Ravens now have a ton for a possible offensive line: deal with Ronnie Stanley (6 foot 6,315 pounds), Cleveland left guard (6-6, 357), center. Bradley Bozeman (6-5, 325), right-wing striker Zitler (6-4, 315) and Villanueva.

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