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Ray Fisher confirmed he was removed from the Flash movie.

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Battle between Justice league DC Film Stars Ray Fisher and President Walter Hamada are once again popular… W.Peak hat? Nadir? A hypnotic conflict? Choose your Tonight, as Fisher announced he was formally removed from appearing as Victor “Cyborg” Stone. In Andy Muschietti’s long pregnancy flash This movie was not entirely canceled.Predictably after Fisher’s statement late last year in which he Stated that he would Refuses to work on any movie that Hamada has made.And Hamada remains firmly committed to At DC FilmsSo… yes.

In a long and passionate Twitter post, Fisher addressed his problems with Hamada in the clearest language to date.He accused him by calling back in June. It was deliberately ignorant and tried to ignore the issues the actor had with former DC Films chief Geoff Johns, which Fisher had accused with producer Jon Burke and director George Vedon. Racist And inappropriate behavior during Filming of Justice leagueThis call, which is also included in Fisher’s description. The “tasteless self-ignorant joke” about Hamada hopes it won’t end on Fisher’s Twitter.It appears to be the starting point for Fisher later claimed Hamada. “Happy thrown away [Whedon and Berg] Under the bus ”in favor of Johns, which Was heavily pushed by a Warner Bros. order in September..

It is mostly accepted above. It’s been old news for a long time vague and obscure. Here’s what makes it a little more fun: Fisher went on to say that Hamada deliberately concealed John’s behavior, including allegations of tampering with a long-pregnant third-party investigation into the shooting of the movie, which concluded last month. In the past But we are not privy to the public. Details of. In his own words, Fisher – who supposedly have Saw the conclusion of the investigation –Claiming that the investigation “It was able to reveal the racist, discriminatory, discriminatory and retaliatory behavior of Geoff Johns during his tenure with Warner Media affiliates” and claimed it “led to the separation between the War “We haven’t seen any results of the investigation yet – all we had at the time was that WarnerMedia noticed. “Corrective action” Seized –But the timeline do Mapped to Vedon Sudden departure His HBO Max series Nevers Back in late November of 2020.

Fisher terminated his statement by voice over Hamada as “not suitable for leadership” and declared himself willing to do a polygraph to back up any of his claims, WarnerMedia and DC. Films has not yet accepted, or it has even been confirmed that Fisher is not in the film.Even if they are It was reported that it was working on a plan to write him out. flash Now.

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