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Ray Fisher confirmed that Warner Bros. fired him from The Flash.

Ray Fisher attended the event.

Ray Fisher attends the People’s “Ones To Watch” event on October 4th, 2017.
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Although Warner Bros. Pictures summarizes their investigation into Justice league A co-star cited Ray Fisher’s work violation. With director Joss WhedonThe problem is far from being solved.

On Wednesday, Fisher posted numerous tweets confirming that WB had fired him from the new film. flash– A movie in which he is set to continue showing Victor Stone’s portrayal, also known as cyborg. To Fisher, his role was expected to be “much bigger than a hijack” despite a misunderstanding.

“I strongly disagree with their decision. But it is not surprising, ”Fisher tweeted.

Fisher further insisted that he could not “conscience” to continue to participate in WB productions involving DC Films President Walter Hamada for two reasons. Different: “[Hamada’s] A purposeful attempt to undermine Justice league An investigation to protect his friend and former co-chair Geoff Johns “and”[Hamada’s] Try to protect yourself by participating in spreading lies and misinformation about yourself; and Justice league Investigation in Warner Bros. Pictures made a Sept. 4 statement to The Wrap.. ”

Earlier this month, Warner Media claimed they had not pushed Fisher out of the role, citing Fisher’s public announcement that he had refused to work with Hamada. Fisher denied he had quit. flash Film however

“The investigation was conducted by an external law firm and was led by a former federal judge,” a WB representative said. In a statement to The WrapAccording to reports, the manufacturing company will not re-adjust the role of Fisher after his departure: “More than 80 people interviewed, we are fully confident in the thoroughness and integrity, and corrections have been made. The investigation has been concluded and it is time to proceed. “

In a tweet on Wednesday, Fisher made reference to his claims that Hamada was trying to defend and “cover up” Johns when Fisher brought him the issue of occupational abuses to help. This includes when Fisher was interested in Hamada that Johns was “a big supporter. The problems that arise include clearly racism. “

By deadline The investigation concluded With an unspecified “corrective action”, Variety reported that Johns (who has no longer served as an executive at DC since 2018). Still in a relationship with WB As the studio confirmed, produced titles such as Star girl, Batwoman, Patrol Doom, Superman & Lois and TitansIncluding other projects

“No one in any profession should be contested with their employer for claims of harassment, racism and discrimination to be within the appropriate chain of command,” Fisher added. He concluded that Hamada was “not suitable for leadership,” and that he was willing to test the polygraph to support his demands, “and no one in any leadership position should try to dissuade those who want to report such claims. He said he was “willing” to give up his role as a cyborg for the greater benefit of helping lead. “Awareness and responsibility come to the actions of Walter Hamada.”

root Contacted Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment. To comment on Fisher’s statement Wednesday on Twitter.

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