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Real comedians roast Greg Gutfeld’s new Fox News ‘comedy’ show

The morning after Fox News premiered a ruthless raid on the late-night comedy space, comedian Ron Funches summed up the general reaction by tweeting, “Gutfield will be renewed from a comedian who hates the act. One person watching “

Greg Gutfeld – Fox News’ co-host five Who is known for raging criticism such as the cost of the war, the blatant abolition of racism and the unabashed suction of Donald Trump – released a new show at 11pm on the night. Monday called Gutfell! The title sparked Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign, and the logo design seemed directly on the file. Garfield The cartoon, as the comedian Tim Heidecker highlighted before the broadcast.

“I was as giddy as Kamala Harris describes the children in the cage,”

; Gutfeld told the audience at the top of the show, “or Woody Allen heard about the children in the cage.” The freak of MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who reported “from the surface of Mars” (citing how the 6-year-old media scandal got on the topic), and the poorly acclaimed CNN mock committee, which two whites accused each Others of racism

Because Gutfeld used the monologue in his debut to directly attack the late night big jockey, where he “should compete”, accusing Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon of being a risk-averse. Complaining and “joking” that Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers “can’t get away together.” We decided to ask the real comedian to criticize his efforts for “joke”.

Indispensable from the late-night host on Gutfeld’s crappy show is HBO’s Bill Maher, perhaps due to the ridicule of “new rules” that make up each episode of “New Rules”. Real time It seems to be his greatest inspiration.

former Daily show Producer – and current Oscar nominee for writing. Later movie Borat– Jena Friedman immediately recognized the similarity, telling The Daily Beast, “It’s like watching a man get through a divorce and impressing Bill Maher,” added. He’s not bad! “

“He reminds me of a boss who has a joke that you forced to laugh,” she continued, “I don’t think it’s bad for someone who has never acted funny … just a little bit bitter and angry.”

“Just because something has the rhythm of a joke doesn’t make it a joke.” Night show Writer Sasha Stewart added, before addressing the laughter that could be heard behind the scenes, “I apologize for the whole team of five for making the laughter. I know they are employees because it is the sharp and painful laugh of people who barely get enough money to be there. ”

Conan Writer Laurie Kilmartin was reluctant to directly criticize the “competition”, but she tweeted this “promoting” for the show before it aired:

And Blaire Erskine, best known for most of her MAGA parody Twitter videos, had so many questions, “Why does he call himself ‘GG’ like he’s someone’s grandmother?” She wondered. “Why do I feel?” It’s like he read the opening statement from the teleprompter for the first time? But more importantly, why would he hold a white knuckle on the clipboard holding what appears to be a heap of empty file folders? ”

Former White House speech writer Jon Lovett, who wrote jokes for the White House Correspondents. The best of Barack Obama and features his own late-night monologue every week on his podcast. Lovett or leave itSome humor was found in Gutfeld’s claim that he was doing something “different” than the other Fox Prime Time shows.

“I like to talk alone about being brave enough to cancel a culture Finally, people are willing to say the 11 things they say at 8, 9 and 10. Greg is not going to be silent! ”Lovett tells us.“ It’s all quite embarrassing. Fox News is evil. ”But then, for that measure. Well, he added, “I agree with all of Woody Allen’s jokes.”

Anthony Atamanuik from Presidential show Fame has been similarly confused with the anti-corruption rant that takes the second half of Gutfeld’s monologue. Without a tooth for social media and companies that end up with a sense of selfless humor, he said.

Others were reluctant to give Gutfeld time each day to his past opinions. Night show Host Larry Wilmore responded with two words: “No thanks.”

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