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Reboot ‘Party Down’ in development at Starz.

Are we having fun yet? Starz today announced the six-part limited revival of the popular cult. Party down Under development Producers Rob Thomas, Paul Rudd, John Enbaum and Dan Etheridge are slapping their pink bow once more to follow up with a Los Angeles catering team. The list of actors Wannabe Ready (hopefully) will be the original performer as well. “At the end of 2019 Party down The cast and producer are all reunited in a retrospective for a Vulture-hosted program, ”said Thomas (Thanks for the shout!). Getting the team back together again Actors are so busy these days that figuring out the windows we can do may take trigonometry. But we intend to make it happen. ”We are thrilled to see Jane Lynch and Adam Scott smoke pot again. But this time it will be in the post.pleased and Parks and Rec World. What’s wrong?

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