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Red Bull brings ‘new parts truck’ to Austria – Wolff

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has revealed Red Bull will deliver a ‘truck van’ of new parts ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix in their pursuit of this year’s F1 title.

In the year the teams Realizing the need to plow resources into the 2022 car due to dramatic regulatory changes, Red Bull is facing a trend to end Mercedes’ seven-year F1 dominance.

The team is continuing to develop the RB1

6B, as Wolff saw ahead of the race at the Red Bull Ring.

Wolff, on the other hand, insists there will be no development in W12 due to the resources needed for next season.

“It was a very difficult decision. because we are having new rules Not only for next year, but for years to come, a completely different concept of a car,” said Wolff.

“You have to choose the right balance. And almost everyone will have to get in the car next year.

“Some people may still bring things. [to the track]Red Bull brought the van on Thursday and Friday with new parts and fair enough.

“It was a strategy and tactic that proved successful because they were in their own league from the speed of the car.”

Wolff talks to Hamilton about lack of development

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton had no answers for Red Bull and Max Verstappen, who led the fires to flag for a third time this year.

The only consolation for the seven-time F1 champion was that he scored from the fastest lap in the final. But heading back to Austria next weekend. 18 points behind the Dutch racer

When asked if Hamilton bought Mercedes’ no-upgrade philosophy. Wolfe added: “The driver always fights with everything he has.

“We’ve talked before and to be honest it was a very sensible decision.

“The upgrades you bring will not close the deficit. The aerodynamic deficit of the scale that these new aerodynamic regulations cost us the facts.”

Wolf refused to throw in the towel for one simple reason.

“They [Red Bull] will stop the development of air at some point Because it is dangerous for next year’s champions to lose,” Wolff assessed.

“The battle continues. That wasn’t our best course in the past and it wasn’t Sunday. That doesn’t mean we don’t have any weapons left in our arsenal.”

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