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Reese Witherspoon Chris Klein brought tribute to ‘Election’ co-star Jessica Campbell after his sudden death at the age of 38.

Reese Witherspoon, Chris Klein and Matthew Broderick are among those to remember. Election Actress Jessica Campbell who died at age 38.

Campbell, who plays Tammy Metzler in the 1999 film about three high school students who run for the student president, have died. “Suddenly and Unexpected” at home on December 29th after a triumph in Hollywood – also appeared on TV. Freaks and Geeks And movie 2001 Object safety – She became a naturalist and interned at Vancouver Wash.

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Jessica Campbell – Wear a sandwich board with the slogan “Tammy Metzler for President” in the 1999 film. ElectionShe played a gay teen who ran after her brother. (Played by Chris Klein) including Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) for the student president (Image: CBS via Getty Images)

The GoFundMe, in her name, was established for her 10-year-old son Oliver, including unexpected cremation, memorial and probate expenses. Campbell, described as “a true adventurer in every sense of the word,” contains “many tragic experiences in her short life … traveling the world, acting, becoming a doctor, being a mother.” Of the coolest kid ever These archives were wearing her reality quatidian fabric. The passion for her life and the people in it was astounding. ”

Her cousin Sarah Wessling, who runs the online fundraiser, told TMZ the family was awaiting the results of the autopsy from Multnomah County Medical Examiner. Campbell had a typical day to see the patient. While visiting with her mother and aunt later she collapsed to the bathroom floor. They said Campbell was congested, thinking she had a cold. But the family did not suspect it was COVID.

Jessica Campbell (Image: GoFundMe)
Jessica Campbell became a naturalist and practiced physician in Washington State (Image: GoFundMe)

Election Director Alexander Payne and Freaks and Geeks Executive producer Judd Apatow is one of the top donors listed on GoFundMe, and there is no shortage of tributes to Campbell.

Witherspoon, whose character Tracy Flick fights Tammy Metzler in Election The election wrote that she was “very heartbroken” to hear the news. “Work with Jessica. Election Is very happy I send all my love to Jessica’s family and loved ones. ”

Chris Klein, who plays Campbell’s brother and rival in the film, wrote that he was “shocked and saddened to hear the news”. Election “It’s the first big movie” for both of us. I will be forever grateful for the experience we shared on that journey. ”

Said Broderick, who plays citizen teacher Jim McAllister. Hollywood Reporter“When I think of Jessica, I remember a shy, cute, pink-cheeked teen who likes to talk to me about what to order at Applebee’s. She is so beloved and a great actress, sad news. Deepest sympathy For her son and the rest of her family “

LOS ANGELES - APRIL 23: Election Film directed by Alexander Payne seen here. Jessica Campbell.  (As Tammy Metzler) premiered Friday, April 23, 1999.Picture is a screenshot (Photo courtesy of CBS via Getty Images).
Jessica Campbell (Tammy Metzler) in Election. (Image: CBS via Getty Images)

Apatow shared on Twitter, “A favorite memory of his creation. Freaks and Geeks We’re watching Jessica Campbell and @sethrogen show their relationship in the improvisation. ”As she played Amy Andrews, who played Tuba Love at Interested in Rogen’s Ken Miller for two episodes in 2000. “Jessica is a funny person and an amazing actress. What a terrible loss. ”(Rogen continues to share Apatow’s post)

Campbell’s professional website details how long she has been thinking about a career in traditional medicine, but after “someone searching for it, she knows holistic medicine is what truly speaks to her” and ” Because of her family history of severe cancer, she knew she wanted to focus on integrated cancer care. ”

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