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Rejuvenate: Studies show that you will How ‘You’re 3 Years Younger’ in Just 8 Weeks!

Portland, Ore — Can your body really be biologically younger without medication in less than two months? It may look like an advertisement for some anti-aging creams. But a new study finds that people can actually reverse the aging process through diet and lifestyle changes.

In a novel clinical trial Scientists discovered that by balancing DNA methylation, participants reduced their biological age by more than three years in just eight weeks. Researchers say aging is the main driver of chronic disease. So going back in time in a person’s DNA can help them stay healthier and live longer.

Basically, DNA methylation is a process that turns off genes. The study authors explain that methylation is a form of accumulation of damage that leads to progressive loss of cell function. This damage comes from the stress and strain of aging and disease.

What lifestyle changes can reverse the aging process?

over eight weeks Researchers tracked the effects of a treatment program that focused on diet, sleep, exercise. advice to relax and probiotic supplements and phytonutrients This randomized controlled clinical trial involved 43 healthy men aged 50 to 72 years. Results showed that adherence to these lifestyle changes led to a reduction in cellular aging. “Statistically significant”


“The integrated intervention program is designed to target a specific biological mechanism called DNA methylation, and in particular, DNA methylation patterns that have been identified as highly predictive of biological age,” said lead study author Kara Fitzgerald. said in a press release

“We suspect that this focus is the cause of the remarkable impact. early results These seem to be consistent with and greatly amplify the results. Of the few existing studies examining the reversible potential of biological age, and unique in the use of safe and non-drug diet and lifestyle programs, control groups, and extent of age reduction. We are currently registering participants for the larger study. which we expect to confirm these findings.”

Moshe Szyf PhD, epigeneticist Lead author McGill University adds to this natural approach to slowing aging by specifically targeting the methylation process in the human body. Szyf noted that the results could lead to additional treatments that target Go to the creation of the body’s genetics. without medication

“What is particularly exciting is the food and lifestyle practices. This includes specific nutrients and dietary compounds known to selectively modify DNA methylation, capable of such effects on DNA methylation patterns known to predict age and age-related disease. Fitzgerald concludes

“I believe this together with new possibilities For all of us to measure and track the age of DNA methylation will open important new opportunities for both scientists and consumers.”

The study appears in the journal old age.

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