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Rep Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch succeeded Mike Madigan as a speaker at Illinois House.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WLS) – Hillside Democratic Representative Emanuel “Chris” Welch is the next Illinois House speaker after Mike Madigan, who served for decades.

Welch was elected president when the 102nd general assembly met at noon on Wednesday.

Welch was the first black speaker and took over from Mike Madigan, who had been in the role for two years since 1983.

“As a speaker for this room it is a great responsibility. I am honored and my commitment is to do my best,” Welch said.

Welch has defeated several rivals, including two women, who vie for a speaker role. It took three Caucas’s votes over the past two days before he was promoted to leadership.

After lawmakers were sworn in on Wednesday afternoon, Welch was elected with 70 votes, 10 more than he needed.

“Welch didn’t choose this time, the Welch selection period,” said state representative Maurice West (D- Rockford).

The new speakers come at a time when the state grapples with massive budget shortages and the economic calamity of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“All we have to do is get this virus under control,” Welch said. “If we are going to expand the economy properly, we have to accept that the federal weekly COVID-19 response will not work.

Welch called on both sides of the corridor to work together.

“We meet challenges now with unbreakable solidarity. We are not Democrats and Republicans when we come to work,” Welch said. “Today will be the last time I speak of us. As Democrats and Republicans, because I want to talk about how we are one. ”

Madigan announced on Monday that he was suspended from his bid to re-election after receiving 60 votes during the 50th Wednesday weekend general meeting as a representative of Madi state. axis

Welch praised Madigan for his involvement in Illinois, but Republican leader Jim Durkin made a complaint from Democrats when he fired Madigan, who left the Speaker’s office while under investigation. ComEd’s federal corruption, he urged Welch to take a break from Madigan’s Iron Fist leader model.

“I will act in good faith. But the way I have seen things happen since the inception of the Special Investigation Committee until today, and as I said I would set the reset button, “Mr. Welch is very close to Speaker Madigan,” Durkin said. Join in the olive branch starting today. “

Welch was unanimously endorsed by the House Black Caucus and, in the first round of voting by the full Democrat last night, received 50 votes.

Wednesday morning, the second-round ballot gave Welch 55 votes, with 17 lawmakers voting. Madigan was not involved in the vote. But it remains at the Speaker’s office in Capital, where his spokesperson said he had begun collecting items to move out.

According to state representative Mike Zalewski, during the morning conference, Welch defended himself against the recent allegations of domestic violence in 2002 involving a girlfriend told Hillside Welch police. Banging her head on the counter after the argument Welch also addressed a 2010 federal lawsuit by another woman accused of sexual harassment and retaliation.

Madigan released a statement on Wednesday after voting that “As I prepare to step through the speakers’ march towards a new generation of Democratic leaders, I want to thank the people of my district and the members of the House of Democratic Caucus for their faith and trust in them. Over the years, I want to thank my staff for their hard work on behalf of all members of this political party.It is a lifelong honor to help bring together people with different experiences and backgrounds. Serving our state

“It is time for a new leader in the House of Commons. I urge Welch to be elected as the best speaker as he begins his historic lecture today. The big meeting that I send to him and everyone who will act alongside him is Stronger than when I started, and when I look at the majority of people in a large and diverse democracy, we have built young leaders who are full of readiness to keep moving our states. And people of color and members who represent every part of the state – I’m sure Illinois is still in good hands. ”

Illinois Republican President Tim Schneider released a statement. “Democrats chose to go from America’s most corrupt politician, Mike Madigan, to represent Madigan’s top lieutenant, Chris Welch, who is credibly accused of having many women in the documents.” Court Of harassment, abuse and retaliation

It is now clear that House Democrats are doubling down on letting Madigan’s corrupt machines can continue to run the state government. In Madigan’s facility, they have continued to support harassers and assault women. But despite that, Welch passed the most critical test this fall, he has been a faithful ally of Madigan for years, but recently served as Madigan’s human shield at the trial. Law to investigate the corruption scandal that finally wiped out Madigan.

This decision is a mockery of Illinois and we will make sure all voters understand that Democrats cannot resign from Madigan.

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