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Rep. McCaul calls the source of COVID-19 the worst cover-up in human history.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said on Sunday that COVID-19 “is more likely not” occurred as a result of a lab accident and accused Chinese officials of trying to cover up the origins of the outbreak.

“I think it’s most likely not to come out of the lab by accident,” McCaul said during a CNN’s “State of the Union” appearance. “This is the worst cover in history. The human life we ​​have seen has resulted in the deaths of 3.5 million people, wreaking havoc all over the world. “

Lawmakers have called for further investigation of the COVID-19 leak theory in recent days, after the Wall Street Journal reported that three researchers from China̵

7;s Wuhan Virology Institute had symptoms. Severe enough to be hospitalized by the end of 2019, an early State Department fact sheet said researchers had “symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal diseases.”

President Biden has ordered intelligence agencies to conduct further investigations into the potential COVID-19 theory of origin and report conclusions within 90 days.The president noted that intelligence officials have yet to conclude that the epidemic began. Rise after contact with human-infected animals or from an accident in a laboratory

McCaul, who is a Republican rating on the House Foreign Affairs committee, said Biden’s order was “long overdue”. “Very inconclusive” because laboratory evidence has been “destroyed”.

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Texas lawmakers have called on the US to restructure its supply chain as a “punitive” retaliation.

“My response to all of this is supply chains. We need to pull our supply chain out of the region: medical supply, rare earth mineral supply,” McCaul said.

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