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Report: The 49ers Trade as 3rd, with sights at Justin Fields and Trey Lance.

NFL Draft 2021

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While the 49ers made the impression that they allowed third-party decisive decisions to become the seashell game they were playing with themselves, Simms and I predicted. Live PFT: Once they have made their choice, they’ll hold their ass to get an answer that whoever they use is their man forever.

That is what they do It is precisely what they should do, even if it is not the truth.

A new show from NFL Media’s Jim Trotter shows that it’s not true.Per Trotter, the 49ers, moved to No. 3 with the goal of the show. “Continue deep diving [Trey] Lance and [Justin] Field and ….. Sure to get one if that’s what the assessment process applies, ”Per Trotter said.“ Jones is considered a safety net if you need someone with whom they can win. But he doesn’t have to be unbeatable because he lacks the agility to close the schedule to turn it into a consistently good thing. ”

That seemed to be what coach Kyle Shanahan was looking for, even though he had to be persuaded to look. Four years after he did not make time for Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson, apparently due to Shanahan’s belief that he would only sign defender Kirk Cousins ​​on schedule next spring. But it might be because Shanahan only needed a running quarterback. That there was no improvisation, Shahan decided (Maybe after seeing what Ma Homes did with seven minutes left in Super Bowl LIV) to accept the idea of ​​playing.

Still, plenty of people in the league believed that Shahan went into the process of wanting Jones and was eventually persuaded by one or more colleagues to turn to Lance.

Pivot to Lance was partially influenced by data from former 49ers running back owner Jed York told Trotter that York requested an assessment from Frank Gore Per Trotter “weeks after” after the video was submitted to Gore. Responded to York with all the urgency

“You don’t give up everything for the pocket,” Gore told Trotter. “You don’t give up at all and still have to call the perfect play for a man. This guy can play drama even if the call isn’t perfect. He has a special opportunity in that attacking game. “

To show up for the surrender of the first three picks and the third pick to get the Lance, he needed to give up more chances than to be a special one. Especially since then, due to the way down the board, they might have put him in 12th place, keeping a couple of first and third round picks.

While it’s impossible to prove that Lance will still be there (perhaps the Bears will take him in place of Fields, for example, after trading up to No. 11), the 49ers are paying a hefty price to be sure of that fact- This coupled with every swap effort for Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday night – gave Lance more pressure to be the man the 49ers hoped he would be and in Shahan to make. Lance became that man.

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