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Republicans who voted to oust Taylor Greene urged Pelosi to do the same for Ilhan Omar.

privilege: The Republican, who broke up with the party in February to remove Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments after making controversial comments, called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to remove the delegate. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, on her assignment amid the US and Israeli-like response to the Taliban and Hamas.

“We’ve seen unprecedented atrocities by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban. I asked @SecBlinken where people should get justice,” said Omar, a member of the House’s Foreign Affairs Committee. said this week after The trial includes testimony from Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a congressman asked about an ICC investigation into US actions. and Israel in Afghanistan and Palestine.


6;No Moral Equality’

Now, eight members of the House of Representatives, led by Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez, have called on Pelosi to remove Omar from her committee assignments.

in a letter to the speaker Specifically obtained by Fox News, the GOP member warned Pelosi that she said: “It is the responsibility of the party leader in the House of Representatives to be held accountable for the serious words and actions of the members of the party.”

“Now is the time for you to face the challenge you’ve set for yourself,” said Gimenez and GOP representatives Young Kim from California, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Fred Upton of Michigan, Chris Jacobs and Nicole Malliotakis of New York, and Mario. Díaz-Balart and Maria Salazar from Florida write.

“Congressman Ilhan Omar has pursued a career in parliament from the following: fueling anti-Semitic violence against the Jewish community by perjurying and anti-Semitic stereotypes. Disrespecting the Strategic Alliance of the United States accusing members of Congress of claiming allegiance to Foreign sovereignty because it supports the US-Israel partnership baptizes the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that left more than 3,000 innocent Americans dead and persuaded. [an] equality between the US with organized crime such as Hamas and the Taliban. which the US Department of State regarded as a terrorist organization.”

“These opinions and policy stances undermine US interests abroad. and weakening the effectiveness of our foreign policy,” they continued. “Her continued involvement as a key member of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee has diminished the role of Congress in foreign policy decisions.”

The Republican Party added that “Sends a dangerous signal to our allies and to our opponents alike that the United States resistant to anti-Semitism that we no longer believe in our long-term mission of supporting people and the free market. and we won’t do it anymore remains committed to fighting terrorism against the United States or our allies.”

The Republican said of Omar’s views on American foreign policy: “Inconsistent and incompatible” with American foreign policy “Created by both Republican and Democratic presidents.”

But considering Omar’s past conflicting opinions, Republicans say MPs “Benefit from every doubt”

“Over and over again, Omar, the Congresswoman made a meaningless apology with the sole purpose of appeasing her party leader. Just to return to her true feelings and true policy stance,” they wrote.

But Republicans urged Pelosi to act, saying “a single censure on this issue will have a meaningful impact in the House of Representatives.”

“We urge you to act on your word and quickly remove Congresswoman Omar from her committee assignments,” they wrote.


GOP MPs also noted that “Ignoring this would be It’s a ‘cowardly refusal’ to hold members on your side accountable and neglect your role as party leader and party chairman. House of Representatives An institution we all take pride in and honor.”

Republicans cited Pelosi, who in February as the House considered whether to remove early-stage congressman Greene from her committee assignment, known as House Minority Leader Kevin. McCarthy, R-Calif. “Coward” who refused to support her, evicted.

Republicans widely rejected Green’s comments. This includes the QAnon conspiracy claiming to have organized a number of school studies. By saying the planes did not hit the Pentagon during 9/11, endorsing violence against prominent Democrats. and support anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim views.

But most Republicans voted in the House of Commons to remove Greene from the committee because they didn’t want Democrats to obstruct the GOP and set a new precedent for punishing members for statements and posts. that they did before they entered Congress.

Gimenez, Díaz-Balart, Salazar, Kim, Kinzinger, Jacobs, Upton and Malliotakis voted to remove Greene.

Pelosi did not immediately respond to Fox News’ requests for comment on whether she would push Omar out of her board of directors’ assignments.

But Omar released a statement on Thursday. Trying to clarify her views after she was criticized not only by both Republicans on the hill. but also from members of her own party

ILHAN OMAR says Americas like HAMAS and the Taliban have committed “unthinkable atrocities”.

“To be clear: the discussion of incident-specific responsibility for the ICC (International Criminal Court) case is not a moral comparison between Hamas and the Taliban and the United States and Israel,” Omar said on Thursday.

“I have never compared a terrorist organization to a democratic country with an established judicial system,” she added.

Pelosi, along with five other elected leaders of the House of Representatives. Thanks to Omar for her clarification. But be warned not to make harsh comparisons.

“To create equality between democracies like the United States and Israel and terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. It creates prejudice and undermines progress towards a future of peace and security for all,” the group wrote.

“We welcome the clarification by Congresswoman Omar that there is no moral equality between the United States, Israel and Hamas and the Taliban,” the statement concluded.

Despite the opinions of the leadership But some Democrats, like Alexandria, Ocasio-Cortez of New York took Omar’s side.

“Somewhat sick and fed up with the constant slander. misappropriation and the public targeting of Representative Ilhan Omar from our political party.” she said.

“They had no idea of ​​the danger they sent her in. by bypassing private conversations and jumping to invigorate the news cycle around her.”

Fellow “Team” member, Agent Ayanna Pressley, and Agent Cori Bush Also supports Omar Thursday.

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