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Research shows that mRNA vaccine can boost immunity against COVID for a long time

A new study finds that some vaccines may provide years of immunity to COVID-19. Especially for those who have been infected and recovered from the virus before immunization.

In a study published online by the journal Nature on Monday, Scientists report RNA vaccine for COVID-19 virus Like those produced by pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Moderna have induced a persistent immune response in humans. which indicates a long-lasting immunity to the virus. (The study was peer reviewed but not officially published. even though the first version has been released online)


The researchers examined specifically how the mRNA vaccine affects human memory cells, known as “memory B cells.”

after a person has been infected with the virus or after having been vaccinated A structure known as the germ center forms in the lymph nodes. There, the B cells learn everything about the virus and are well trained to recognize and fight the virus if it has ever been infected.

Scientists say Much of it comes from animal research. Reproductive center responses usually peak one to two weeks after infection or vaccination. This means that B cells are enhancing their knowledge during that time. This study found that after humans were vaccinated with mRNA COVID B cells in the pathogen center, “Remain at or near the highest frequency for at least 1

2 weeks after the second immunization.”

This highly active reaction was seen in humans who had recovered from COVID-19. After that, both doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine were given.


Thus, with more time at the “peak” frequency to learn about the virus, the B cells are better equipped to recognize and fight COVID in the future. Scientists say vaccinated individuals should be immune to all existing viruses in the near future.

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Researchers say that those who are not infected but are immune to it will not need additional booster vaccinations to fight the different types of viruses, unless the variants are vaccinated. will change significantly which is possible COVID survivors who have been vaccinated with the virus may not need periodic booster vaccinations.

Still, existing COVID vaccines have proven to be extremely effective against known strains around the world. Although the delta variable does cause some concern.


Other research led by some of the same team members It has been shown that immune cells that recognize and fight COVID-19 are dormant in the bone marrow for at least eight months after infection.

Click here to read the full study titled “SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine Stimulates Persistent Human Reproductive Center Response”.

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